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Today we reveal a new race of playable characters coming to kc, see renders of the first new model + speed modeling videos showing the process of making it!

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I said the upcoming version of KC will have interesting new gamemodes right? well some of them are going to involve a new team of playable characters, the first of which, is this little guy.

As we are aware, a lot of people who find there way to playing mods are often the more hardcore and non-mainstream of gamers, usually they have an interest in developing games for themselves, and because of this I recorded myself the whole time I was making this new model and you can watch the process happen right here!

(still in the process of uploading these videos to moddb)-Jackson
Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

That's awesome! I wish I didn't suck at modeling.

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Paxton - - 394 comments

Me too.

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Savci - - 385 comments

It is a bit illogical to have a finger at the back like that. Otherwise, nice model!

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

Someone should tell birds that they're illogical.

Having these as mounts would be incredible!

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~DJ~ - - 293 comments

Holy ****. Amazing. O_O

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

AWw that little guy is so cute! I wish I could mount him with a knight lol

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iPerfew - - 9 comments

That's fuc**n amazing !!!

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Sergesosio - - 60 comments

where did you learn to make models like that?

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Kasplatt - - 412 comments

teh sex!

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Lord_of_Sausage - - 95 comments

Now, as everybody else said, it's quite amazing, but i wonder how it would fit KC's combat? Will this mean some maps will be more of a "Knights vs beasts" gamemode? How does the monster work in melee fighting? How about magic?

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N3mix - - 130 comments


dubstep music?
/me lights a joint!

nice update keep it up guys :(
are there any servers for this mod?

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

wait a second...wasn't this mod about epic medieval sword&bowfights with magic spells?

what is this here then? Can't relly say that I'm happy bout such a change...

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