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Small update from testing terrain campaign map textures. ;)

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Mae govannen!

Because for a long time I don't give any update from progress of work, I decided to show what I currently working on.
Currently I have map with all planned provinces (still without factions, buildings e.t.c.) and I make terrain. As you can see on screenshots I already have a basic heightmap and now I working on textures.
Because Shogun 2 in vanilla have very ungly textures and currently I can add on map only five different textures (I don't know that I can change this limit), so I must find textures who will look good every place on map.

Shogun 2 vanilla textures:

LA: Campaign map terrain textures - Test 1

Testing other textures:

LA: Campaign map terrain textures - Test 2

LA: Campaign map terrain textures - Test 3

Maer gwai

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