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Crazy Mod Version 0.55 Patch Released

I have been inactive for entirely too long, so I decided to get back into things by finally releasing an update for the rather bugged version 0.5 of the Crazy Mod. Called Version 0.55, this fixes numerous bugs in the mod, as well as adding a couple new units from Version 0.6 to help pass the time.

Get the Crazy Mod Version 0.55 patch here! If it isn't validated and available yet, download it from here instead.

How To Install:

  1. If you haven't already, download Crazy Mod version 0.5 here, and install it like you would normally. Just copy/paste the CrazyMod.big file into your C&C Generals Zero Hour directory.
  2. Copy/paste the 00CrazyMod.big file from the downloaded ZIP file into the same directory as CrazyMod.big.
  3. Run C&C Generals: Zero Hour as normally. To uninstall, just delete those two files.

Complete Change Log:
Bug Fixes:

  • Scud Launcher Launcher bug fixed.
  • Hover SCUD Launcher Fixed.
  • Gattling Nuke Cannon weapon re-made for balance. No longer fires 30 shots per second.
  • Lead Beam ineffectiveness against infantry fixed.
  • New Lead Beam model, far superior to the old one.
  • Stealth ability removed from Stealth General's RPG Trooper, which originally caused it to break the campaign.
  • Buzzsaw Paladin's speed increased.
  • Shockwave effect from MRLS rockets decreased.
  • Bike Squad cost increased to $2500, and number of bikes decreased from 8 to 6.

New Stuff:

  • Lead Beam given to China. (Was Tank General's)
  • Gattlinglord added to China Tank General. (New Unit)
  • Monster Technical added to GLA Demo General. (New Unit)
  • New Tank General Emperor Overlord model. (Redesign)

Not an earth-shattering update, but this patch should make the Crazy Mod a lot more enjoyable, as well as fix a lot of problematic issues from Version 0.5 as well as adding a couple new things to play with.

Check out the Fallout Studios forum here for more information, as well as alternative download sites if the download mirrors on the Mod DB profile are not up as of now.

Stay tuned for new updates,


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Joshh - - 900 comments

IT LIVES!!!!!!!1

Downloading now.

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DvdGiessen - - 7 comments

Yay, great to hear you're still alive and working on it. :)

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zotobom - - 232 comments

DLL'ing right now!

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

It´s great to see that you are alive on the community. I will download this

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Ca_Putt - - 179 comments

YAY the best news all day :D

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