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I'll tell you informations about the update! Read and comment it! :)

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Hi Fans!

now, after a long waiting time, I present the newest version of Crazy!I apologize for that, but I had not enough time and the member who created the update were a bit too lazy ;) But now it's out. Read this news thoroughly!
Detailed Features:

  • Vasari Loyalists:
  1. New Capital Ship: Mobile factory
  2. Every frigate, cruiser and Capital Ship can be spawned manually
  3. Mobile Starbases
  4. Stronger flagship
  • Vasari Rebels:
  1. More diplomatic rewards
  • Advent
  1. Better flagships
  2. "Unyielding Will" modified

Patches in a few weeks:

  • Nuclear bombers for the TEC
  • New Crysis ships WITH new models
  • New music
  • New weapon systems for the most of the ships
  • New factory models

Important instructions:

  1. You won't have mine support until the 25th of June. I have holidays in this time. But maybe the other developers are helping you. But nevertheless write comments of bugs you have seen!
  2. I don't know if this version is compatible with the DLC. It could be that some researches are hidden ;)
  3. I haven't made all "string"-files. Please understand that because I was sick

That's all for now!



Crazy 2.983

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