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In previous videos I announced when I was going to release. Now you'll know when, and at what time.

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It's no surprise that I wanted to announce the release date of the mod. Not only because I know there's people that really want to play this, but because we'll be hosting a release party.

What's that? A release party?

Yeah. An e-party. Meaning, from the moment it releases, we'll have servers up to play right then, and we, devs and internal crew team will be playing too at that moment. We'll be playing for some hours and hopefully all of you will be there to join us and frag along!

If you want more information, about the parteh and the weekly official sessions we'll be hosting, join us on our Discord sever, where you can ask to your heart's content: we have really helpful people around there all day long, and a couple celebrities at this point :P

Join our Discord here

COUNTDOWN TO DOOM... I mean, to release.

QC: Doom Edition v1.0 (Full release)

And for if you missed my latest youtube video, where I explore the new options in QCDE

And for good measure, let's see what the heck is AeonQCDE

See you in the arena... or sooner on Discord ;)



I'll play with you until I pass out

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DBThanatos Author

Perfect! >:D

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I will play this too! great mod, is it really 3.04mb though? this mod is very good

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forgot to mention: i passed out two hours later than i expected, that's how good the mod is, absolutely perfect, even played with you at one point
i don't even know what more to say lol

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