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This update contains various fixes, additions, and changes. Read more for the full changelog.

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Coterminus Version 1.1 is now available for download!

This patch is a small but necessary update to the previously released version of the mod. Included are a number of bug fixes, map fixes, changes, and additions that should improve the overall experience.

To download, go to the files section and select the 1.1 release. If you have a previous version of Coterminus installed, it is recommended that you delete that version first.

Coterminus 1.1

There are a few notable changes in this update:

(scroll to the bottom of the article to see the whole changelog)

  • The handheld Gauss gun has been nerfed after I received considerable feedback that it was too powerful and overshadowed the other weapons.
  • Hud scaling issues have been solved. The hud was giving some people problems at certain resolutions. This should no longer be happening.
  • Antlion gibs will now match the skin of the antlion that they spawn from. The screenshot below demonstrates the two types of gibs.

new gibs

I have also added support for the Bonus Maps menu. You can read more about it at the Valve Developer wiki here:

Long story short, it's a menu that allows you to select and play standalone maps a bit easier than loading them through the console.

This should create an easier pathway for people who want to release some maps of their own for Coterminus. When you download this patch, you should find the included test maps selectable from this menu.

I plan to release a short tutorial in a few days covering the basics of using the Bonus Maps menu for map makers, so look out for that if you're interested.

bonus maps

It's been a full month since the initial release of Coterminus and I can't tell you how happy I am to see so many people enjoying the mod. Now that Patch 1.1 has been released, my focus will be shifting to the next major release, Coterminus 2.0. I already have a few articles and media updates planned to give you an overview of what the next major release will include, so look out for those.

As always, if you'd like to keep up on the latest development news, discussions, or to report a bug, visit the discord server:

Thanks for your continued support, I'll see you up ahead!

Full Changelog for patch 1.1:

Bug fixes:

- Fixed hud scaling issues. Hud should look much better at most resolutions now.
- Wastescanner hull sizes should now properly represent their respective models, making it easier to shoot them.
- Loose vcd files should work properly now:
- Ar2 viewmodel UV issues are fixed.
- Ar2 scope and suit zoom no longer interfere with each other.
- Fixed an issue with the mod options that caused friendly npcs to be invulnerable.
- Molotovs no longer collide with trigger volumes.
- hud_quickinfo convar now properly hides the ammo and health info around the crosshair.
- Stripped soldier model no longer uses the retail texture.
- Fence models should no longer display impact decals.
- Antlion model recompiled with $mostlyopaque to fix rendering issue.
- Houndeye model also recompiled with $mostlyopaque to fix the same issue.
- Sniper rifle scope no longer breaks in between level loading.
- Fixed broken grass models.


- Fixed hole in displacement in coast 01
- Fixed floating thumper in coast 02
- Fixed floating rocks in coast 03
- Fixed antlion spawning in coast 03
- Fixed hole in displacement in coast 03
- Fixed hole in displacement in coast 04
- Fixed hole in displacement in coast 05
- Fixed non solid prop rock in coast 09
- Fixed jeep fall trigger in coast 09
- Fixed windmill off center in coast 09
- Fixed decal issue in prison 02


- Added specific sounds to ar2 secondary fire modes to better differentiate them
- Added Bonus Maps functionality: Other modders can make use of this feature if/when they create map packs for Coterminus.
- Gauss gun: ammo reserves reduced from 20 to 10 and damage reduced from 25 to 20.
- SMG1 and SMG2: increased bullet spread for both guns making them less effective at range.
- Antlion gibs now match the skin options selected in the mod options menu.
- Updated credits

For better ep1/ep2 support:

- Added ministrider
- Added magnusson
- Added zombine
- Added strider buster
- Added antlion worker



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