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After almost 4 months and tons of invaluable feedback from our awesome first Early Access players, we've already made several improvements and rolled out 2 updates, with a third update right around the corner.

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With the help of all the constructive feedback from our awesome core group of Early Access players who have made the effort to get involved, we've been making all kinds of improvements to Cosmonator - including many things that we would never have thought of by ourselves. Most notably we've significantly rebalanced the reward and rank penalization system, made several general gameplay and spell balance improvements, and added a few new features and graphical touches (like the Phasing cooldown indicator and Multicasting spell indication, and cooler looking explosions). Content wise, we added a new level (Lava Caves), a new boss (Ymir - see below), and some extra new enemies in existing levels.

ymir zoom3 ymir zoom

With update number 3 just around the corner, we're getting ready to introduce the sell feature - which was requested by an overwhelming majority of our first users - and a revised challenge bonus reward system, which allows you to receive challenge bonus rewards upon first attempts at levels (instead of only upon level replays). These features have taken a surprising amount of time to implement because of the way they affect the overall balance and reward curve of the game, so we've been really busy with testing and balancing, which is fun but seriously time consuming. We are also introducing a few new enemies and a special kind of cash bonus enemy, the Cash Ship, which poses no threat but acts purely as a bonus, and so adds a new dimension to the gameplay - especially in some of the earlier levels.

ritual zoom helix zoom

Finally, in keeping with trying to add new content consistently, we're also adding a new level, Ritual Chamber, to the end of the third episode. This level comes complete with a small army of new enemies, including a cool end-of-level boss, The Magus.

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