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We teased some of them last week, but now we’re ready to show you some more: Abilities.

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You don't only have guns to take care of your enemies. You also have abilities! Abilities are powerful tools and may give you, if used tactically, an edge in combat.

Abilities vary greatly in functionality: Some allow you to do just that little extra in damage to kill one, or more targets, like the missile launcher. Others give you more survivability and allow a unit to withstand a lot of enemy fire, like the shield. Perhaps the most versatile ability is the EMP blast. It allows you to momentarily stun a target, disabling it's weapons and stopping it from moving, allowing other units to get in optimal range and blast it for maximum damage!

Below, we'll show you some of the abilities featured in the game. We'll probably add more in the future, but as always, if you have any great ideas, don't hesitate to let us know!


Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

The shield ability is a passive ability. This means it is always active when it's mounted on a unit. The shield forms a protective "bubble" over the unit which stops all incoming fire (Does not stop ramming or mines!). The shield can only take a certain amount of damage before it collapses and needs to recharge. Various versions are available with different stats each.

Missile Launcher:

Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

The missile launcher is an effective way to damage a group of enemies. It needs to be targeted manually at a position on the grid, and it moves much slower than bullets. Upon impact (be it ground or unit), it will cause a huge explosion damaging anything at the target and surrounding grid squares. Maximum damage is at the epicentre of the explosion, with surrounding squares taking less damage. Due to its targeting behaviour and flight speed, timing is key! Beware though, the missile makes no distinction between friend and foe, so you'll want to be careful where you aim it at!

Mine layer:

Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

The mine layer is a simple piece of technology. A mine is dropped behind the unit, the first thing to drive over it causes the mine to go off, damaging the vehicle. As with the missile launcher, it makes no distinction between friend or foe, so watch out who's behind you!

CROS blast:

Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

The Close Range Ordinance System was first developed to counter infantry attacking vehicles with improvised, close range explosives. It has later proven to be an effective tool to damage and destroy vehicles with as well as infantry. Due to its original design, it isn't very effective against armour, but does great damage against health. To us it, you simply drive next to your target(s) and fire the CROS blast, which then damages any targets directly surrounding you!

Repair drone:

Abilities in action Abilities in action
Click on the images to see it in motion!

The repair drone was first developed to aid combat vehicles in hostile environments which normal engineers cannot reach. It is only effective to a certain degree and is unsuitable to make full repairs. It is however very effective in the field. The drone is launched from a vehicle, flies to the target, makes quick repairs to its armour, than returns to the launch platform to recharge.

EMP blast:

Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

This piece of technology is extremely effective at disabling any electrical systems. It doesn't actually damage anything, but stuns the target completely for a short period of time. This is a very useful tool to catch fast moving units that would otherwise out manoeuvre your weapon's targeting range.

Jet Boost:

Abilities in action
Click on the image to see it in motion!

This salvaged jet engine is a very effective way to temporarily increase your speed! When activated, it allows a unit to move much faster for a short period of time, allowing it to quickly move to a position. It can mean the difference between evading a mine and hitting it!

So, that's it! You've seen the game in motion, sort of... You want to see more? Well, good news! There are rumours of a trailer being recorded "soon"...

Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime...

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The contest closes this Friday on the 20th of December!

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