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Contra 008 changelog (part 5) Fixed errors, Balance Fixes, Other changes.

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Fixed errors:

- AF general: SLID gave range bonus to F-16 only, but highlighted all aircrafts. Fixed. It will highlight F-16 only from now on.
- Cyber general: Laser Missiles upgrade description was corrected.
- Laser general: Bullet hit sound was played when Microwave tank attacked infantry. Fixed.
- Laser general: Vehicles could not build drones if laser drone was built and killed then. Fixed.
- GLA: Groups of demo traps could be built on buildings. Fixed.
- GLA: If you selected buggy with another units, guard button disappeared. Fixed.
- Toxin general: Acid from Demo Traps destroyed all other nearby Demo Traps. Fixed.
- Stealth general: Kill Radars general's power destroyed buildings with 0% completion state. Fixed.
- Demo general: Radar Van Kill Fakes ability destroyed buildings with 0% completion state. Fixed.
- Demo general: Minefield geometry was corrected: minefield was 2 times bigger, than 3D model shown during building. Fixed.

Balance changes:

- All: Money generators were limited for everybody. You can now build no more than 6 Supply Drop Zones, no more than 6 Black Markets, no more than 4 Internet Centers and no more than 16 hackers. Supply Centers stayed unlimited.
- All: Paradrop and ambush general's powers were strengthed for all generals. They drop more troops (more vehicles). Missile troopers were added to all infantry paradrops and ambushes (except demo general because his rebels can explode).
- AF general: F-35 damage was lowered by 10%
- SW general: Dozed Drop (general's power) was moved to Rank 3.
- Laser general: Microwave Beam (general's power) does not damage vehicles and buildings any more. It acts like microwave tank now: disables buildings and kills infantry.
- Laser general: Laser Strike (general's power) was weakened by 25%.
- Laser general: Electricity Net connection (general's power) was moved to Rank 3 and strengthed: it gives 24 power points for 2 minutes.
- All China: Neutron Bomb (general's power) effect radius was lowered by 25%.
- All China: Frenzy was strengthed: if gives 50%, 100% and 200% damage bonus now.
- Demo general: Mine deployment general's power. Mine deployment time was increased 2 times and mines can be destroyed when under construction.
- Demo general: Demoralize general's power works instantly now.
- Toxin general: Emergency Repair was moved to 1st rank.
- Stealth general: Demo traps deployment general's power was removed.
- Stealth general: Fake units were moved to rank 1.
- Stealth general: Kill Radars general's power reload time was increased by 25%. Also, it has become harmful for your own army because it can kill your own radars now.

Other changes:

- All USA: Specter Gunship was removed.
- AF general: Engines upgrade effected F-16. But it caused negative effect: F-16 flew into AA defenses attack area. It was fixed: F-16 is no longer effectes by this upgrade.
- Laser general: MTHEL can switch its weapon: missiles only / aircrafts only.
- Laser general: Aurora bomb has new graphical effect now and it explodes without delay.
- Laser general: Burton deploys laser charges now. Difference is in graphics only.
- All China: Satellite Hask III is limited now: no more than 1.
- All China: Black Lotus Magnetic field ability becomes available only after purchasing Magnetic Bomb general's power.
- Infantry general: Wheeled dragon tank was added.
- Tank general: Shaitan has got Force Field. It gives invulnerability, but kills Shitan slowly. Field can not be turned off. Force Field becomes available after purchasing general's ability.
- Tank general: Carpet Bomb general's power was replaced with Force Field. It unlocks ability for Shaitan.
- All GLA: Technical Training general's power was removed.
- All GLA: Stimulators general's power was removed.
- All GLA: Defense Sites building was remade in order to reduce micro management. You needed to put Defense Site and upgrade it then. It required 5 clicks per unit. Now you can build all 4 upgraded Defense Sites. It requires 3 or 4 clicks in different situations.
- All GLA: Artillery Defense Site requires Black Market instead of 2nd rank now.
- Toxin general: New general's power - Acid Contamination. It works like Poison Contamination, but creates acid field. Available at rank 3.
- Demo general: Rebel is armed with hand grenades instead of AK-47.
- Demo general: Worker can build groups of 4 minefields. It lowers micro management.


Limiting the money Generators, I have to say I dislike that, all the other changes sound great, but that one I have to say I am not fond of, they offer great later game finances, couldn't you just increase how much it costs to make them?

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If you are going to limit the money generators, make it so the CPUs do not get a passive income from god. Otherwise it is always in their favor...>.<

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"- Laser general: Microwave Beam (general's power) does not damage vehicles and buildings any more. It acts like microwave tank now: disables buildings and kills infantry."


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Err,maybe increase the limits;10 supply drop zone,10 black market,6 internet centers and 24(or more) hackers ?

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It is true that a Microwave beam that large, and powerful enough to travel through the atmosphere without dissipating would have destructive effects on anything in its path, not just infantry.

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why no gunships why ????

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