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A quick update on some new game features. We are working on our first Steam demo and aim to have this out in September so don't forget to Wishlist us.

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Drones V Dragons

A quick update on some new game features. The big one is that the game story has been completely re-written. Check out the game description or the summary below. Also on show is military drone, about to do into action against the island's dragon. Is this drone here to help or hinder you? Checkout our new video


Condition 24: the gem hunter’s term for the rarest of rare precious stones and crystals. Found in the most remote dangerous locations, prospecting these coloured treasures is unbelievably risky but worth it.

A prospector’s dream. Mia’s dream.

Ex Spetsnaz, Mia Zukov ‘retired’ from the special forces to the lucrative but treacherous world of rare gemstone hunting. She formed a ragtag crew of armed and adventurous prospectors.

Through some South Sea Chinese contacts, she has unearthed a unknown Condition 24 site. It is located on a group of remote Pacific island near Bikini Atoll, the old abandoned nuclear test site. Local legends and superstitions have keep the islands uninhabited.

The ultimate treasures await Mia and her gang, along with hidden secrets buried within the islands.

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