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Game project Night is Сoming is inspired by such games as RimWorld, Final Fantasy, State of Decay, Fable, Witcher, Kingdom: New Lands, Slavic mythology, Carpathian Mountains and wild forests.

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Game project Night is Сoming is inspired by such games as RimWorld, Final Fantasy, State of Decay, Fable, Witcher, Kingdom: New Lands, Slavic mythology, Carpathian Mountains and wild forests.

Genre: Fantasy survival simulation game with a Hero Mode.

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

Version: Alpha 0.2.31

Release date: approx. 4th quarter 2018

Gameplay: Build and manage your own settlement on different maps in a fantasy world. In the campaign mode your settlers go to the new lands with you. Hero mode allows you to explore the world to find secrets, elemental spirits and skill masters – they will help you improve the settlement and make it stronger. In the Hero mode you also can fight all the monsters by yourself in a top-down view.

Difficulty level: Bit by bit the weather gets more violent and destructive; days become darker and winter season longer. Waves of monsters grow in number and strength. The darkness floods the land you live in.

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Building and production

Building is one of the core mechanics of the game. The player needs to construct various buildings to keep the settlement developing. Each building requires a certain amount of resources. Buildings have parameters and status bringing them closer to reality. For example, Thermal insulation shows the speed of warmth loss of the house, Capacity – number of persons allowed to live in the house, Level – the quality of its characteristics and visual form. Annexes improve the buildings and unlock new forms of production.


The settlers and life simulation

The settlers are the main characters of the world of “Night is coming”.

Each settler has parameters building an extensive structure of mechanics:

• Attributes

• Characteristics

• Skills

• Peculiarities

• Conditions

• Needs

The population of the settlement is growing by some means: original survivors (settlers) plus wanderers from outer world (can be accepted to the settlement and turned into settlers) and skill Masters, scattered all over the world (must be saved and accepted to the settlement)


Skills structure

Each settler has a basic skill set. These skills allow a unit to perform jobs and tasks, and influence the efficiency at the particular job.

Skills have upgrade levels, depending on time spent on using the skills. Working on a job, a settler upgrades the skill. Higher level skills and rare skills can be only unlocked by finishing quests – finding and rescuing the skill Masters (all over the world of Night is Coming).


Skill Masters have unique abilities allowing them to perform the job more effectively and produce improved items and legendary artifacts.

Characteristics define vital functions of a settler.

Attributes influence characteristics (each attribute gives a bonus to standard characteristic)

When a character is created, he gets some attribute points randomly. A settler can upgrade attributes level by level, working on particular jobs.

List of attributes:

1. Athletics. Defines the speed of a unit (movement and attack speed) .

2. Stamina. Defines the vitality of a unit (health and regeneration).

3. Strength. Influences damage, defense and carrying.

4. Charisma. Influences the will power.



Needs define the well-being of a settler, and his/her ability to perform jobs and tasks.

Main needs:

· Satiety

· Rest

· Warmth

Social relationships

Relationships between the settlers are not only professional – they not only work and fight together, but also they can make friends or couples, or even families, increasing the level of the settlement and Collective Will.

To make communication system more dynamic, the conditions and peculiarities are used. The quality of life (state of needs, monsters’ attacks, living conditions) changes the mood positively or negatively, and make the overall atmosphere more emotional.

The depressed settlers spread lowering of moods in communication with others, withal the happy ones decrease this effect. With the help of peculiarities the moods of the settlers are permanently changing, and one and the same person can influence different interlocutors differently, depending on their own conditions.

Will power

Each settler has a personal will power amount which shows his/her emotional condition and helps to accumulate the settlement common spirit. Depending on the decisions you make, living conditions and the settlers’ will power, Spirit Vessel in the Spirit Shrine saves some amount of spirit essence you can spend on spiritual buffs.

Koncepti basni duha


Seasons, day and night cycles

The world of Night is Coming has 4 seasons of different daylight amount and temperature: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The temperature will be influencing the crop growth, movement speed, job efficiency, etc.

Year by year, little by little, winter days will substitute all other seasons. Daylight hours and temperature will be also decreasing, making it harder to survive. As the dark hours will be growing, monsters will start attacking more often, making the difficulty level higher, too.

The whole day in game is 20 real minutes long. The time of day influences the monsters’ activity, summoning or driving them away. The game interface contains a special indicator, showing the time of day.


Settlement defense

Every several days monsters will be attacking the settlement, and their quantity and strength will be growing wave by wave. Winter nights will be producing stronger waves, therefore summer nights will let you have a break and prepare.

The player’s goal is to make up an effective defense strategy, using all the resources he’s got: warriors, Hero, fortifications, fire, etc.

Monsters types:

1. Slavic mythology (similar to “The Witcher”)

2. Dark creatures

3. Wild animals

Medium werewolf

Mutacia Volka


Settlement relocation

In case the conditions become unbearable and the settlement cannot survive on the map any longer, the player has to run away to another land. He orders the settlers to gather resources into convoy and the scouts to find ways out of the land, then the Hero leads his people to a new map. Relocations can lead to different lands and have different requirements, which must be fulfilled to survive such a long trip, otherwise some villagers will be left behind.

The player can make a relocation order anytime, if the settlement is developed enough and has required amount of resources.


Anyway, there are several exits from the map and the player has to decide what to choose: long-distance dangerous journey (hoping to run away from the darkness as far as possible) or quick safe journey to the closest land. Depending on the difficulty of the map and the requirements, some exits can open and close right in front of the wagon convoy.

The Hero

UU final

The Hero is a young brave leader, who managed to unite the settlers. He has a strong will power, that allows him to fight against the Dark powers and use the Elemental Spirits’ spells. Controlling the main Hero in a special Hero Mode, the player can interact with objects of the world, take quests and fight enemies. Direct control of the Hero based on RPG elements brings the player closer to the settlement and deeper into gameplay.



In adventures the Hero squad is joined by settlers and elemental spirits: warriors fight together with the Hero and follow his orders, and the elementals support him with their powers.

Elemental Spirits

Elemental spirits can be found anywhere in the wild nature – in lakes and rivers, woods and mountains, old ruins. Disturbed by darkness, they abandon their homes and the main Hero can accidentally meet them. He is able to consume elemental power with his Ring. To ensure the probability to capture an elemental, sometimes the Hero needs to complete a quest or to overpower the elemental in a “spirit duel”.

Flame elemental concept


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