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Giving commands to your ships in the tactical view!

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In Pirate Dragons, not only do you play a dragon, but you'll also build and command your own ships in battle!

Entering the tactical view pauses the game and allows you to issue orders to your ships. You can tell them to move to a specific spot, attack another ship, or hold position.


Normally this 3v3 battle is very close, but I'm able to issue commands during the battle to increase the changes of victory and decrease the damage my ships take. Even if you win a battle, you'll need to repair the damage to your ships, so the more efficient you can be, the more profit you'll make!

I skip around a bunch in the video and don't show most of the damage I'm doing to the enemy ships as I wanted to focus on the tactical view. Eventually battle scenes will have islands and other obstacles that you'll be able to use to gain even more tactical advantages.

We're also working on the new dragon. He's currently being animated and should be in the game soon!



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