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Final Day, almost 80% Funded! Details on Current and Future Weapons

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Final Day, almost 80% Funded!

Details on Current and Future Weapons

This is it- the final stretch! We have less than 2 days remaining and still need about $7k to reach our funding goal! Please everyone, share the Kickstarter with everyone you know! We can pull this off!

Weapons in Combat Core are more than a novelty or gimmick, and can help you defeat your opponents in a variety of ways. Weapons spawn randomly at the start of every match, and may have more some subtle mechanics that aren't always obvious! Currently there are 4 weapons/items available to use in the game. The final game will have many more! Here's a rundown on the current arsenal and how they work:

"The Barrel" - these are not regular weapon spawns and appear according to the current stage layout. The attacks are slow but are among the biggest damage attacks in the game! For the comparison - the Beam Uppercut, the strongest core attack in the game, has a base damage (with no damage stat boost) of 350, whereas the heavy barrel slam has a base damage of 300, with no energy cost!

"Flash Blade" - a quick melee weapon that can be used for combos and throwing quickly. The damage actually increases when you are holding more energy orbs!

"Chrome Blaster" - an energy-powered swiss army rifle! It can fire energy grenades or straight lazers, and when you toss it to the ground it becomes a landmine! (still working on the final model design and effects!)

"Core Shield" - a handy boomerang shield with both defensive and offensive utility! It enables auto-guard, and can windstand much more damage than your standard guard, and actually returns any damage energy in seconds! The attack damage is weak, but it can be used effectively for long ranged attacks. The shield will return if it doesn't hit any obstructions on the way back!

Along with more interactive stage pieces, some of the future weapon ideas include:

- Power Bat
- Bo Staff
- 3-section Staff
- Nunchaku
- Rocket Launcher
- Sledgehammer

Each weapon will bring something new to the table and add more depth to the combat!

We have less than 2 days to reach funding for Combat Core, please pledge and share the Kickstarter!

Try the demo!

Combat Core 2015 Alpha Demo V.4 (Windows)

Combat Core 2015  Alpha Demo V.2 (Mac)

Oculus VR (Windows)
Combat Core 2015 Alpha Demo V.3 (Oculus VR)

Templarfreak - - 6,721 comments

"Rocket Launcher"


Barrel seems quite overpowered and considering it's a level-specific prop it may be a very cheesy item. I don't know if you're going for competitive/E-Sport with this game, but if you are that's a bad idea. If not, I guess it's fine.

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raindev04 - - 142 comments

I always watch swords.. and the flash blade is so cool!

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