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Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 will feature wall climbing parkour, reskinned original maps, and insane mutators which enhance gameplay.

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ice pit header for cold ice

The team developing Cold Ice Remastered continues deep work on Beta 3. Of course, Beta 2 is available for download, and please join us in our growing Discord server. This month, we want to announce an assortment of exciting new features.

wallclimb flip in cold ice remastered

First, we want to thank Bacontsu for our last announcement. We are currently testing wall climbing and parkour effects. WTF do you mean, in GoldSrc? Yes, you heard that right. With Bacontsu's help, we've got wall climbing working in our mod! Maps with large boxes and scalable walls are no match for the HEV suit. As our inner John Woo smiles, a new level of freedom is achieved. We also included damaging rolls and backflips!

double flip rolls in cold ice remastered

Next, we have a big delivery of reskinned original HLDM maps that would make Gabe cry. We took boot_camp, lambda_bunker, doublecross, snark_pit, and substransit, giving them the winter touch. These maps are pure nostalgia in our collective deathmatch hearts. We've renamed them snow_camp, frozen_bunker, doublefrost, ice_pit, and snowtransit. Special thanks to Napoleon and AudioCraZ.

snow_camp in cold ice remasteredfrozen bunker in cold ice remastereddoublefrost  in cold ice remasteredice pit in cold ice remasteredsnowtransit in cold ice remastered

We also found an unreleased map in our archives, which we finished 22 years later—we call this one the mill. The echos of Unreal vibes from the map are intense! And yeah, it's a fully working mill.

themill in cold ice remastered

Next, we like to share that our primary contributor, Napoleon, has provided a gift for Beta 3. As he uploaded a new player model to our Discord server, he called it "Baer" (and the typo stuck!). Baer is a loveable furry animal that's down with all the frozen weapons provided in Cold Ice Remastered. Beta 3 will include Baer!

baer jumping in cold ice remasteredbaer rotating in cold ice remastered

Finally, we continue to push hard on our newfound mutators, adding ideas from awesome mods like a topsy-turvy mode that injects fun insanity.

topsy-turvy mutator in cold ice remastered

We continue to work on Beta 3 and look forward to releasing it soon. In the meantime, join us on our Discord server to receive our latest updates.

NapoleonII - - 127 comments

(n)Ice! Baer joins the fray, finally! And all the rest looks awesome too. :)

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solidi Author
solidi - - 75 comments

Thanks for all the contributions, Napoleon!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
neophus - - 579 comments

I have to test it one day ! good work !

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solidi Author
solidi - - 75 comments

Join our discord channel. Play testing for Beta 3 will begin soon!

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Guest - - 692,588 comments

smexy updates! i really like how the climbing was improved

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solidi Author
solidi - - 75 comments

Indeed, we will keep at it!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
berrу - - 114 comments

Looking forward to see this mod as a Steam game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
solidi Author
solidi - - 75 comments

Perhaps the modding gods will bestow such an honor. For now, our goals are 1. Is it fun? Keep going that way. 2. Does it have enough explosions? Probably not, add more. 3. Finally, keep it clean and cool ;)

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