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Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 has launched! Read for details!

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Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 Launched!

Twenty-three years ago, this very month, we are celebrating the OG release as our ultimate boomer shooter mod inspiration, Cold Ice 1.75. So today, while we cannot roll back time (at least, not yet), we announce the release of Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2! Download it now! We aim to hit the nostalgia nerve so hard that we think we were in 1999 (probably valid on someone's timescale). Now, please watch our feature presentation below!

A very special thank you to Radiation Hazard's Youtube channel for covering the myth, the legend, the supreme oddity of Cold Ice History, the Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 preview, and his opinions and thoughts about our work. This well-crafted video is the premiere of what you need to know!

After many months of modding and testing, while our screaming kids pull us away from our development machines and their significant other's demand, "it's the modding or the marriage but not both," we declare Beta 2 officially launched! A special thank you to AudioCraZ for helping us test (as you see above, he has a great laugh, too!). He is one of the mod originals, returning to an age when the Internet was considered a beacon for future humanity.

Our feature list is long! As well as including all the Beta 1 features, Beta 2 has a boat load of fixes and tweaks. It consists of a new freeze gun and desert eagle, six new dual-styled weapons including destructive dual RPGs, Selaco style sliding, off-handed kick and punch, a snowball fight mutator, new maps frostfire and snowcross, the ability to pick up, kick or punch back items, new player model snowman, a snowball fight mutator mode, and much more!

kicks2dual smg 1freezegun 04

A very special thank you to all on our Discord channel for sticking it out over the year we've been modding. For Beta 2, we want to recognize the following contributors. Napoleon, TheSpacePirate, ssfcgasl'sgo!, Radiation Hazard, and Kralich/David.

frostfire scroll1bot kick grenadebeta 2 launch

Beta 2 is now available for download, so get to it! Please join our Discord channel for discussions and support, and watch this space for future updates!


Awesome work!

-Dabu "rayan"

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solidi Author

Thank you!

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how to multiplayer

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solidi Author

Two options

1. Launch Steam -> Half-Life/Cold Ice Remastered -> Find Servers. Should be a few.
2. Play solo "Create Server -> Select Map -> Start. When the game begins, type "addbot" in the console numerous times to add players to battle against.

In our next release, we will make it easier to add bots automatically.

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