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Im making my own Clone Wars Show... with blackjack! and hookers! no but seriously, im in the process of writing my own show just for the sheer fun of it.

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I'm making my own Clone Wars Show... with blackjack! and hookers! No but seriously, I'm in the process of writing my own show just for the sheer fun of it. Its all just one giant fantasy, there's no way it will ever be picked up or produced (even though I would very much like it to). Besides, you would think fans would get tired of the clone wars real quickly (unless they waited a couple years for people to forget about the 2008 clone wars series like they did with the miniseries).

I cant stress this enough, NONE of the stories that will be told in this series are my stories, I'm simply adapting them for television. Some of these stories, I may be altered but not completely change. Stories from the comics, novels, and video games will be brought to life in this mind blowing live-action series. Alot of the dialogue has been taken directly from these sources, along with some minor altercations and paraphrasing by me. Unlike the 2008 clone wars series and Mini-series, this series will span the entire Clone War starting IMMEDIATELY after the Battle of Geonosis, right up to Order 66. No loose ends. Without further adieu I give you the first episode of my series...

Star Wars: Chronicles Of The Clone War

Writers: Tylor Lister, in collaboration with writers from Dark Horse Comics and former writers for Lucas Arts, with consultation from Karen Travis and other notable authors.

Producer: Lucasfilm Limited (yes it still exists but remember its owned by Disney now)

Channels: Either AMC, Cinemax, Encore, HBO, Showtime, or Starz

Music: John Williams (preferred), Hans Zimmer, or Howard Shore

Rating: Ranging from TV14 to TVMA

Casting: I'm open to anyone, however I absolutely want Temura Morrison as the clones.

Star Wars: Chronicles of the Clone War (Season 1 Episode 1)
Episode 1: Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

Opening Crawl: Begun, the Clone War has. Immediately following the battle of Geonosis, the Galactic Republic scrambles It's newly created clone armies to prepare for the upcoming war. The Republic's inability to deploy the clones quick enough cost them major Hyperspace lanes, giving the CIS an advantage. Long prepared for this war, the Confederacy of Independent Systems is ready to strike against the Republic

Ever the charismatic politician, Count Dooku leads the charge in the effort to swallow up weak Republic worlds and uses his suave influence to persuade neutral worlds to aid his cause. As for worlds with strong loyalties to the Republic, the Confederacy takes them with brute overwhelming force.

If the Republic had been able to deploy It's forces quick enough, the war may have been avoided. However it's far too late, the war will ravage the galaxy. This war will come not only to soldiers and politicians but to civilians and organized crime alike...

Scene 1: The opening crawl fades as the camera pans down to reveal The Wheel, a bustling space bazaar. As the camera slowly zooms in, merchant ships and civilian vessels zip by, revealing the maintenance levels of the station. Blaster fire is seen trailing Khaleen, a human female, as she evades her pursuer. Believing that she had successfully outran her opponent, she opens the blast door to find a Quarren male named Grakko, standing in the threshold...

Grakko: Hey, Khaleen

Khaleen: Hey Grakko. umm, let me pass... for old times sake?

Grakko: LOOOVE to. Cant. The job specifically requires you dead. your a nice theif but you must die now.

Khaleen (Shoving past Grakko): Bye, Grakko!

Grakko (Tripping Khaleen and raising his Blaster): Sorry, nothin personal Khaleen.

Khaleen (standing up while holding he severed pin of a thermal detonator in her hand): Nothing personal Grakko, sorry.

Grakko: ahhhhh bantha shit......

Khaleen tosses the thermal detonator on the floor, closing the blast door behind her. The room behind her erupts into a violent explosion. The camera fades to a Faleen male and his henchmen patrolling a corridor as Khaleen hides behind an air conditioner grate. The Faleen male is Zenex, Khaleen's pursuer.

Henchman 1: Well... she was here. she was definitely here Zanex, sir.

Zanex: She isnt here now is she? (Zanex turns to his henchmen) Change of instruction boys. I want her ALIVE, as well as what she took. Undamaged. Is that clear?

Henchman 1: Maybe it would help if we knew what it was that she took sir. If Khaleen might try to fence it, we could get there first..

Zanex (grabbing henchman 1's shirt collar): No. You do NOT need to know what she took. What you need to know is that I need it back and I need to know if she showed it to anyone. I'm on a tight time table here and if I don't have the object WHEN I need it, I will die. So will you, I promise you this.(Zanex turns away from his henchmen and continues to lead the patrol) Its Only a space station, only so many places to hide.... find her...

Khaleen (whispering to herself as she hides behind the grate) Tookarti, you've gotten me killed this time.

The camera fades, ending scene 1

Scene 2: Its mourning on Courscant. The camera rotates to create a panoramic view of the Jedi Temple as speeders zip past. It cuts to Yoda's meditation chamber as Mace Windu and Yoda confer with Jedi Master Tholme via a Holo communicator.

Mace: With some reluctance, we have agreed with the Supreme Chancellor that the Jedi must continue to assume command of the Republic's clone armies . Quite simply, there is no other group qualified in sufficient numbers.

Yoda: Grave reservations have I on all of this. As peace keepers were the Jedi intended, not generals!. Too few in number we are as is. Difficult will it be to perform our usual duties, as well as these.. not heeding the call back to Coruscant are some.

Mace: Yes. I will look into that as well. In the meantime, our forces are spread too thin, especially with the battle on Raxus Prime. Though the Dark Reaper situation on Raxus Prime is being handled well by Master Kenobi and his Padawan, The galaxy is a large place and we do no know where our foes will strike next.

Tholme (via communicator): Quinlan Vos was tracking something when I lost track of him

Yoda: Lost his memory again, perhaps has he, Master Tholme?

The camera cuts to Tholme on a distant world talking into his communicator

Tholme: I think not. in the two years since the Separatists had declared themselves, Quinlan has pieced together an impressive network of spies among them. They have been our eyes and ears, until now of course. Master Vos missed our rendezvous and has not responded to my inquiries. That's why I've asked Aayla Secura to investigate. She was his Padawan, no one, not even myself knows Quinlan better than her. We have word of an ex gun-for-hire named Korto Vos is on The Wheel. This may be Quinlan under cover. Aayla has gone there posing as a down on her luck mechanic named Jaayza. If this is Quinlan we don't want to endanger him by overtly sending a Jedi to look for him. She'll make contact with the locals claiming that this Korto Vos owes her money and see where this leads.

End Scene 2

Scene 3: The camera follows Aayla as she strolls through the halls of the Wheel. Various alien species pass her, urban clutter and a hodgepodge of alien languages and dialects can be heard. She proceeds down a dark alleyway and meets up with Tookarti, a Chadra-Fan male.

Tookarti: Step carefully please. always, always, we must be careful yes? Tell me, please, what exactly is your business with Korto Vos?

Aylaa: My business is my business. your certain Vos is this way Chandra-Fan?

Tookarti: Please, call me Tookarti. Many people look to find Korto Vos you know. Some are bad people so we must be careful, you see? we must ask questions.

Both walk out of the alleyway past 2 individuals

Aayla: alright what do you want to know?

Tookarti: I'm sorry. There must be pain first. Then answers. No truth comes without pain.

Tookarti (to the 2 individuals standing at the entrance of the alleyway): You.. um gentlemen inflict truth please?

As the 2 individuals reach for Aayla, she blocks their Vibroblades, violently disarms them and proceeds to knock them out. Aayla then pulls out her blaster and presses it firmly to Tookarti's face.

Aayla: I'm here to see Korto Vos.

Tookarti (stricken with fear): yess, yess, i can see your sincere . I'll take you to him IMMEDIATELY.

Quinlan Vos steps out from the shadows

Vos: Heard someone was looking for me. Didn't hear it from you Tookarti. Whats going on here?

Aayla: Hello Korto..

Tookarti: So, you two do know each other?

Tookarti (to Vos): Apologies, I was just being careful. As you know these are dangerous times, she may be an assasin or a spy. Just watching out for you Boss.

Vos: uh-huh (he turns to Aayla) Why are you here?

Aayla: We need to talk PRIVATELY.

Vos (turning to Tookarti): You find Khaleen yet Tookarti?

Tookarti: Well... no... BUT

Vos: shouldnt you go do it?

Tookarti: Immediately Boss Vos! (Tookarti leaves the room)

Vos: Go back to Tholme, Tell him I'm fine.

Aayla: no your not. I know you. This wouldnt have anything to do with the Battle of Geonosis would it?

Vos: I failed. I've been out here for 2 years and knew nothing about what was being planned on Geonosis and two hundred Jedi died there! YOU might have died!

Aayla: But i didn't and not even master Yoda or Master Windu had any idea that Count Dooku had gone to the Dark Side. You taught me to accept responsibility for my mistakes and to let the rest go. will you practice what you teach?

Tookarti comes in and interrupts Quinlan & Aayla's conversation.

Tookarti: Boss Vos, Good news and bad news. Good news is I found our thief in a garbage pit nearby. Bad news is, there's a Dianoga in the pit.

Screams for help can be heard from the nearby garbage pit. Quinlan and Aayla race towards the pit and dive in to the mercy filth ridden water. Aayla equips her vibroblade and proceeds to stab and slash at the Dianoga, Vos finishes off the beast with a single blow from his Blaster. They then swim to the surface, Vos dragging Khaleen to the surface with him.

Aayla: she alive?

Vos: Yes (Vos turns to Khaleen, still on the floor near the garbage pit, gasping trying to regain her breathe) Did you get what you were sent fro Girl?

Khaleen (holding up a Holodisk): I wouldn't fail you Korto

Once Khaleen recovers, the three of them walk back to Vos' hangout

Khaleen: So I interrupted this Zanex guy like Tookarti told me to do and he was a clean pick! I mean, I'm a professional at this and I'm good. He must be hypersensitive or something because he knew it was gone almost right away and was after me with some guys he hired. well i'm really sorry Korto.

Vos: Tookarti, i want to know more about this Zanex character, who's he meeting? when and where? whats up and why? go.

Tookarti: of course.

Aayla: Vos? i need to see you privately, I've managed to activate the Holodisk. (the 2 of them walk into the other room, there a flickering image of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray is projected from the disk)

Aayla: its a Message from Nute Gunray. The Sep's are planning to hit the Cloning Facility on Kamino. we MUST get this to the council NOW.

Vos: No we have to copy that disk. for the first time we know where they will be before they attack. the Confederacy must believe the plan hasn't been compromised. Zanex has to be allowed to recover the disk.

Aayla: he'll kill Kaleen. Quin, we're Jedi we do not have to sacrifice lives like this.

Khaleen: what if i volunteered? i overheard what you were saying. i sensed that there was something different about you Korto. Im guessing both of you are Jedi right? and this needs doing so... i volunteer.

Aayla: why? knowing the risks---

Khaleen: what? only Jedi can be heroes? its my republic too. Okay it's corrupt but how much worse would things be if i wasn't there? i live on the fringe lady. i know how tough life gets without order. so let me do my part, its my choice okay?

Vos: okay, we'll protect you if we can. you really have my respect for doing this Khaleen. (he sensually touches Khaleens shoulder)

Khaleen: that's all I ask Korto.

Vos: we'll get word to Zanex that you want to negotiate.

End Scene 3

Scene 4: Deep in the bowels of The Wheel, Khaleen, Zanex and his henchmen stand on a bridge spanning another garbage pit. Aayla and Quinaln hide nearby, ready to protect Khaleen if fighting breaks out.

Aayla (whispering to Quinlan behind cover): I dont like this Quin. I can see them but i'm too far off to do anything. Quin? Are you reading me?

Khaleen: Look here's the deal. I don't want to die whatever this thing is its not worth my life to me okay? so-- i give it back, you le me go, right? you dont kill me?

Zanex: you have my word

Khaleen (flicking the Holodisk to Zanex): here. So i can go now right?

Zanex: not yet (Zanex pulls out his blaster and proceeds to shoot his 2 henchmen standing behind him)

Khaleen: You promised me you wouldnt kill me!

Zanex: I'm not going to kill you... your going to kill yourself (he proceeds to hand his blaster to her) I sense the feelings churning within you. the love you have. give it to me you want me to love you dont you?

Khaleen: y-yes

Aayla (via com link to Quinlan): Quin, that damned Faleen is using his pheromones on her!

Vos: don't Interfere

Zanex: here my love, take this blaster and prove your love to me

Khaleen: i will my love

Zanex: now place the barrel to your head

Khaleen: why do you want me to do this my love?

Zanex: i need you to prove your loyalty to me, your complete trust. I would save you if i could beloved, but you may have seen whats on that disk and i cannot risk that. The Republic is corrupt and MUST die and if some lives must b sacrificed along the way then, so be it. I would sacrifice my own. you must be willing to sacrifice yours. Pull the trigger and die for me.

As Khaleen begins to press the barrel of the blaster firmly to her temple, Aayla and Quinlan watch eagerly, each passing minute feeling like an hour, every second, a day. Sweat drips from Aayla's brow and Quinlan grits his teeth as his sweat pours off the tip of his nose. the moment passes, Quinlan acts quickly to force pull the blaster from Khaleen's hand and into his own.

Vos: No sacrifices... Not today.

Zanex: Ah, a Jedi from the looks of that trick. It seems I'm fatally compromised.let me offer you a choice Jedi, the girl's life or the disk... which do you save?

Zanex shove's Khaleen off the bridge and discharged his blaster at Quinlan. Quinlan swiftly swoops down and catches Khaleen in one arm whilst holding on to the durasteel base plates of the bridge with the other.

Khaleen: Korto?

Vos: Easy, Khaleen. steady yourself let me draw focus and lift us up

Zenex presses his boot firmly against Quinlan's hand, shuffling it back and forth attempting to force Quinlan to loose his grip under the pressure of his boot.

Zanex: A mistake Jedi. you should have looked to your Lightsaber and saved yourself. Now you've lost her, your life, and the disk.

Vos: If you want to see a lightsaber, i suggest you look to your right.

Aayla ignites her Saber and holds the disk with her other hand for Zanex to see

Aayla: Master Vos made the right choice. He knew I would be there to get the disk. You face 2 Jedi faleen, might i suggest the best course is surrender?

Zanex (proceeding to shoot Aayla as she deflects his blaster fire): I will not surrender lovely little Jedi, rather, you will surrender to ME. feel my essence slip into your senses. There is now anger. Ther is no Hatred, only desire. My will is your will, now shut off your lightsaber.
Surrender the disk to me
Let go

Aayla (proceeding to stab Zanex, killing him as the blade pierces his heart): I'm a JedI and MY will is My own.

Khaleen (being pulled up with Quinlan by Aayla): Looks like Zanex wont make his Rendezvous

Vos: Depends...Depends on if Tookarti can find out who Zanex was supposed to meet with...

End Scene 4

Scene 5: The camera fades to a hooded Quinlan walking into a dark alley. He emerges from the alley, there a Nemodian is standing idol, waiting.

Vos: Waiting for this?

Nemodian: YES! uh, I mean I dont know what you mean!

Vos (gracefully waiving his hand in front of the Nemodian's face): You met Zanex. He gave you this. Everything went as planned

Nemodian: I met Zanex. He gave me this. Everything went as planned

Back at Quinlan's hang-out

Aayla: We're lucky the contact wasn't also a Faleen, there not effected by Jedi Mind tricks.

Vos: Faleen seldom leave their planet, reasonable odds.

Aayla: Ill get back to Coruscant with our copy of the holodisk. The council is calling on all Jedi to act as generals with the new Clone Army. Will you be coming back too Quinn?

Vos: No. Tholme and I have set up spy networks and this is where I can be of best use

Aayla: Dont let yourself be swallowed by them Quinn. there has to be a difference between us and those we fight. we are Jedi and we must remain Jedi.

Vos: and if we loose? if more of us die?

Aayla: then we loose and we die, we are still Jedi. By the way, the girl wasn't fighting just for the Republic, she was fighting for you. she's in love with you

Vos: I know

Aayla: then tread careful Quinn, for your sake and hers.

Vos: I will. (Quinlan turns away and begins to walk, he calls Khaleen to his side) Come Khaleen, we have Work to do. Now where is Tookarti?

Scene 5 End

Scene 6: The camera fades to a Holopad with the flickering Image of Tookarti. as the dialogue progresses, the camera zooms out to reveal Darth Sidious's secret lair on Courscant with Count Dooku standing at his side

Tookarti (via holopad): So the Republic has the Separatist's plans but the Seperatist's don't know that the Republic has the plans. This is what you desire I trust?

Dooku: You have played your part Admirably, Tookarti.

Tookarti: Thank you Count. I must confess, I don't understand why you would want the Republic to have your plans.

Dooku: you don't need to understand anything Tookarti. Dooku Out.

Sidious: Excellent, Lord Tyrannous. the upstarts wishing to displace you will be disgraced when their attack fails.

Dooku: And the cloning facility on Kamino will be preserved for our use AFTER this conflict is over. The coming battle will compromise and weaken factions that might have proved an impediment to us later.

Sidous: And the Jedi... will die....

The camera fades out on Sidious's lips as he utters "and the Jedi will die". The credits roll

As I've previously stated the dialogue for this scrpt was not written by me. it was extracted from the comic series: Sacrifice by Dark horse. I simply adapted the comic to a screenplay format and paraphrased and/or added to some of the dialogue. So please, don't credit me, credit Dark Horse for fabricating these exquisite stories and making the Clone War, more relate able to an actual war.

I'm going to write 2 more scripts and if people like them enough i'll write more. I'll release the script for the next episode next week.

Next 2 episodes:

Star Wars: Chronicles of the Clone War. Chapter 2: The Prosecution Rests
This next episode follows Delta Squad, as they search the looming space hulk of the former Prosecutor, a downed Acclimator Class Assault Ship.

Star Wars: Chronicles of the Clone War. Chapter 3: El Kamino
This episodes depicts the valiant dense of Kamino as both Jedi and Clone alike defend the cloning facilities from the Confederacy.


hey! el kamino is a map name in eaw foc

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Commissar_Delta Author

its also the name of a car, that's why i chose the name for the third episode. and the name for this current episode, Wheel in the sky keeps on turning, is also the name of a song by Journey

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

Not bad but the two next episod really interest me

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Great work :) You have the transitions of the scenes planned out perfectly. I can't wait till episode 2 and 3. If you end up doing an episode for Jedi Trial or the MedStar duology, I will be happy to help you write it :)

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