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We're shipping another game patch fixing a lot of bugs and potential server crashes from the previous version, along with full Steam Workshop support and an additional Christmas theme!

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Christmas Carrier

Howdy, everyone! We're shipping another game patch fixing a lot of bugs and potential server crashes from the previous version, along with full Steam Workshop support and an additional Christmas theme! It's a small gift from us, the developers, to you all at the community who have been doing a wonderful job giving us valuable feedback about v3.0 update.

Improved Workshop Support

With our new Workshop support, servers will be able to send their installed addons to the players that are joining for the first time. This will force the players to install the required Workshop items so they are able to play on the server. Our Workshop Downloader will automatically update, download, or verify if the user has the required addons installed. Take a look on how it will work at the following video below:

Download the new Christmas Update on Steam now!



  • Updated Zombie Panic! Mod Tools


  • Added full workshop support
  • Added cl_scootinvenory
  • Added ent_merge
  • Added sv_event_halloween
  • Added sv_event_christmas

  • Added new vote convars:
    • sv_vote_creation_delay
    • sv_vote_bantime
    • sv_vote_admin_only
    • sv_vote_enable
    • sv_vote_enable_gag
    • sv_vote_enable_mute
    • sv_vote_enable_ban
    • sv_vote_enable_kick
    • sv_vote_enable_map
  • Updated the client prediction
  • Updated player selection screen
  • Fixed where you could drop infinite armor
  • Fixed the mouse would flicker when ZPS was minimized
  • Fixed FMODex not muting itself when out of focus
  • Fixed the weapon weight reading the wrong values
  • Fixed where the player wouldn't use the weapon_carrierarms if the carrier left the game, and the player became the new carrier
  • Fixed where spectators could respawn as zombie if the zombie lives reached 0
  • Fixed late joiners spawning as zombie, didn't eat up zombie lives
  • Fixed where the round wouldn't end if the last survivor died
  • Fixed map spawned ammo would merge with each other
  • Fixed crouch jumping causing players to get stuck in ceilings
  • Fixed the backpack not being drawn when it should on Objective gamemode
  • Fixed zombie arms not being able to push props when inside teammates
  • Fixed where props producing the wrong sound when scraping on the floor
  • Fixed an exploit where the last zombie could infect a random player by leaving the server, if there were no lives left


  • Added SetVoice
  • Removed hook OnPlayerInfectedCompleted
  • Updated hook ClientConnectedToServer
  • Updated hook OnPlayerInfected (now checks if infection is completed)
  • Updated the API


  • zpo_aquatica
    • Added a delay to the zombie toilet spawn, 3 sec if 4 zombies, 5 sec if 5 and over
    • Trigger_push at elevators are bigger
    • Made the 8 plants at the ocean entrance static
  • zps_town
    • Fixed issue of static doors glowing.
  • zps_thrillvile
    • Saved 206 edicts
    • Minor door fixes
    • Added AS Limit scripts
  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Added AS Limit scripts
    • Ladder fix
    • Fixed cubemaps & textures
  • zps_haunted
    • Fixed issue of static doors glowing
  • zpo_harvest
    • Added human clip on doors and windows of the house until they blow up the basement tunnel.
    • Fixed height of two middle wood barricades in the basement.
    • Tweaked ammo spawns on the barn +18 humans.
    • Moved up weapon_barricade to the second floor in the barn.
  • zpo_subway
    • Fixed the filter on the keycard so zombies don't earn points from using it.
  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Improved optimization
    • Made few props movable on garage and break room.
  • zph_pithole
    • Lab-Stair Section is now easier (less toxic waste)
    • The Super long route should now work (more) correctly
    • Reverse Round should work (more) correctly)
    • Added more ammo/weapon/misc items for survivors.
    • Replaced the drainage pipe grates with doors
    • The closeable gate zombie spawn now has a breakable section so zombies can free themselves.

Christmas Menu

We hope you enjoy this special gift.

Merry Christmas!

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- Zombie Panic! Source Development Team

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