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Long story made short: the AI is literally 95% complete, the functionality is there, but each time I try to work on it this morning I feel a little dead inside. Going to switch over to working on the new map textures (found a better way to do it, should use less memory) until this evening/afternoon.

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The entirety of the AI tree is done and has been done for a while - all that needs to be tweaked is the control of flow from the characters' sound cues and their parameters to their AI controller. Only issue is that each time I sit down to work on it, I want to throw up a little. Sigh.

So, instead, doing map texturing. I changed map models (it's the same in every way aside from optimization and way better UVs) and I'm laying out the new substance textures. Fun fun! No, seriously, I'm having a very good time. I'll stick with this today until I can get the motivation to sit down and actually read about accessing the parameters.

Aside from finishing up the Chatter system and doing some tweaks, Ciao Ciao is completely done. It's been a long time since I started this project entirely from scratch, with no knowledge of Unreal or Blender. It makes me misty-eyed to see things really starting to come together.

Alpha .15 will be going out as soon as I adjust the Chatter parameters. Now all I need is a voice actor for that boy and he'll be entirely ready to party!

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