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Preview of Saesee Tinn (WIP Sculpt) and introduction of our newest staff member, David Radford (Models, Textures, and Character Sculpts).

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It's been a while since our last update, so I wanted to give you all a quick rundown on the mod's status. Currently, we have a medium sized staff, and are always looking for additional artists (modelers, texturers, etc). We are ready to start putting our art ingame and coding the factions and gameplay, but due to mod limitations set by Blizzard and, we can't do that right now.

However, when the Mod SDK is released and Blizzard allows mods to have a much larger file size, we can begin to code our units ingame and work on getting you guys a beta.

With that said, I'd like to introduce the newest member of our staff, David Radford. David is a professional freelance artist with a background in creating Star Wars themed art, so he is an extremely valuable addition and we love his interaction and output. Here is his first piece of work, a Work-In-Progress sculpt of Saesee Tinn!

(Character sculpts are used for cinematic cutscenes, trailers, and normal, specular, and displacement maps).

User Posted Image

Additionally, we'd like to show you a render of the AT-TE, modeled by staffer Dr. Nick.

User Posted Image

- Galaxy at War Staff, 2010
erikwijnands - - 417 comments

woaaahhh it rocks man!!

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vader333 - - 619 comments

high poly...

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

The cinematics for Starcraft 2 look about the same detail.

Great to get some updates on the project, hopefully Blizzard will unlock the way forward. If not, are there any contingency plans?

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Master_Windu Author
Master_Windu - - 129 comments

Yes there are! No matter what, I'll be continuing the project for some game in the hopes that we can get a real mod out there. I'm confident that many of our staff would follow as well.

But right now, we believe that Blizzard will enable us to make the mod for SCII.

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JerreyRough - - 16 comments

Good, good. I'd love to see this project come through, despite Blizzard's restrictions. Hopefully the SDK comes forward and the best modders can really shine (like this mod). Good luck!

I hope that when the marketplace thing comes out they'll release the SDK as well. It would not only make sense, but also increase the likely hood that an awesome mod team will make a quality mod for SC2.

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Cybio - - 1,010 comments

Looks great ;-)

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