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I figured that this is a good place to have a rant about my fictional universe, Iowk. A place where I can let my ideas for the Iowk concept flow out and then see what the rest of you think about it. I may not have a downpacked story for this universe, at least not yet, but I fully intend on exploring my fiction.

So what is Iowk? At its root Iowk is what I think is the ultimate back story for battles, wars, conflicts, and stories rooted in multiple genres; this is what it is designed for. People love Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, non-fiction, realism, non-realism, and many others. People also love it when they come into contact with each other - whether its magic explainable by science like Stargate and Doctor Who, or its alternate history where different technology came into dominance like Steamboy. I really loved these, and I have always dreamed about What If scenarios. Not like Fan Fiction stories mind you, though the impressive number of users and stories there are a testament to the demand of fiction mixtures. This kind of What If questions have spawned some titles met with more or less dominance (Rise of Legends, Marvel vs Capcom, etc). I want to do this too, but I wanted to make my own characters, factions, backstories, and plots. I didn't want to deal with fandom bashing if I used a character the wrong way, or make Space Marine Army X loose against Fantasy Elf Army Y. Thus I started designing my own world, my own palace of events - my own universe. And thus Iowk was born.

Iowk is both the name of the universe and the name of its most substantial plot device: the drifting super-planet of Iowk. It is found and colonized by humanity for its unusual properties, though it was left alone at first. It was thought to be just another rock until it was found one thousand light years form its original position a thousand years after its original discovery - an impossible feat. Soon it was discovered that the planet was somehow targeting previously unknown wormholes and moving through them, temporarily moving to other galaxies and universes until returning back to our galaxy. Additionally, its dozen plus moons constantly lost orbit and returned from the depths of space, sometimes even entering Iowk's atmosphere and depositing some of its own crust! Underneath usually had some sort of alien life form, which was quickly found and investigated by the humans. This continued for some time - a new deposit of creatures (sometimes with properties that broke the laws of physics) would arrive, and the humans swiftly secured them. The humans there have even defended themselves against alien invasion several times, but it could never prepare them for the longest disappearance of Iowk ever recored; especially when one such invasion wasn't from another universe and succeeded in invading the planet just prior to its disappearance.

In our galaxy, Iowk left for an unusual time span of 50 years (normally it would be for a month or two to two years), but that was just on our side of time. For the people of Iowk it drifted through time and space, through galaxies and realities and universes, though supernova and nebula.

The ancient planet drifted for five hundred thousand years, new races forcefully brought to the planet and battling the local populations for resources and land. Empires would rise and fall, strange planet life developed from the lack of a sun (though the planet would regularly be caught by nearby stars for various periods of time), and the most curious individuals of all would try to figure out what this planet really is, if it even was a planet. But one thing is for certain: anything is possible here, and even the most unlikely possibilities are a day-to-day reality to the people of Iowk.

I hope you enjoyed my first Iowk rant, and please stay tuned for more details about Iowk's fiction! I've also got my two best story ideas that I'll likely type up here as well.

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