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Dear Stalker Fans!

We're absolutely thrilled to inform you that Strelok200 (aka StrelokAvS) brand new mod Chernobyl Chronicles is about to get released! What's more, translation process begins soon. Provided that, CC English version will be released not long after the original.

Chernobyl-1 Gallery Vol. 1 Chernobyl-1 Gallery Vol. 1

For now the overall progress is about 90%. Strelok200's crew and In Spite Of The Death team members are fixing and polishing the mod in order to get the best result. We'll be posting screenshots and maybe videos before releasing CC.

Chernobyl-1 Gallery Vol. 1 Chernobyl-1 Gallery Vol. 1

You may read other mod details in the description. Although, I'd like to share a couple of personal thoughts. The walkthough probably won't take more than a few evenings. So, it's shorter than CoP and has less secondary tasks. However, the gameplay is good enough. Setup programme allows you to choose your balance variant between the original one and the one from Stalker books (closer to hadrcore). I've chosen the second vaariant and found myself hunting artefacts, throwing bolts like never before...Same thing with planning how to escape from a bloodsucker below while sitting in the loft of a house. The atmosphere is, well, different from everything else. Particulary enjoyable I found 1st person cutscenes which inspired me to create a few more hud animations for the mod.

Get ready, guys. Keep tracking CC news :)
Thanks for the attention.



I really like what this mod is setting out to do. A focused, immersive story.
Can't wait to play the final piece.
Best of luck to the devs ;)

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