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Hi there!There is no any huge portion of intel for you, but I want to share the little info about Castle Gothicstein development.

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For the firts point: I want to give some thanks to General Red, Strategist for his Castle Gothicstein DEMO gameplay without any feedback with me and WolfETPlayer maybe. It's most boring mod content presentation ever but that's okay. I only want to ask all of you - don't choose FAMINE mode, if you want to get the new content from Castle Gothicstein mod. Better play it on WAR or Pestilence modes, because they're not that hardcore based as last two ones.

The video itself. Castle Gothicstein have four Game modes, not difficulties!

The second point: Unfortunately we stopped all development progress because the RealRTCW 4.0 mod is now multi-mode engine fork of ioRTCW and Castle Gothicstein is a part of these. We need to port all content of Castle Gothicstein to new version of RealRTCW base and Castle Gothicstein now is the equal part of Real mod. You don't need to mess with the files in your game folder. All in one - that's great!

Third point: Soares93 is the great mod maker for MoHAA game and we want to use some of his weapon content in our mod. It means more time to overhaul all gun models in Castle Gothicstein. Also I want to get some animation work for De'Lisle carbine and maybe I'll use Zigzag's weapon animations for Victors in Castle Gothicstein. If some of you have the experience and want to deal with it and rapid the development of this mod, contact WolfETPlayer or me in private messages.

And the forth: RealRTCW 4.0 finally have Tides of War's enemies. Now I want to use them and it would be amazing opportunity to present new facets of horror in Castle Gothicstein mod.

For now you can play the last version of DEMO without RealRTCW mod, just download it from link below. Thank you, stay tuned in! No war, peace for all!

Castle Gothisctein Demo [UPDATED]

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