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thanks for the suggestions, many were taken into account, others not much, but it will be seen in the future

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thanks for the suggestions, many were taken into account, others not much, but it will be seen in the future

I have decided to add more number of blogs, because, if I have several things in process to tell, the result of RA1 to cameo looks favorable, I worked especially in 2 factions.


  • was added to the "Core", a more primitive or rustic version of the RA3 Nano Core, being similar to the MCV but smaller, Its function is to create buildings, it is unlocked somewhat late, and its price is usually slightly more expensive than the buildings it represents.


  • Zero Fighter: they are superior to the Soviet Yak, they can attack airships, there is not much more difference except how cheap they are
  • Bomber: Bomber Zero plane similar to the previous one but with bombs, it is more expensive, and only serves to attack terrestrial things
  • Hovercraft: is only amphibius tank, attacks enemies, can transport like a APC
  • Armored Car: a light vehicle with Gattling cannons, can transport like a APC, but dont move in water, can attack Aircraft.
  • For now, I have not added more changes, or others are very surprising, it may add a robot similar to those of Steel Talons for Japan, but without lasers or similar things, that work with a steam machine and conventional weaponry, named "Ditto",? is a pre X-O suit vehicle?


I have taken the items from overpowered, they have not all been added, I am missing the super weapons, but you can play width it.

  • Queen Nest: the Queen and the Nest is the Equivalent to common MCV and Construction Yard, but the nest can make units, ants, and another ants supports buildings
  • Resource Nest: is the entrance of the entry of resources into the main nest
  • Evo Chamber: fusion two ants of same type and create a new one
  • Tech Chamber: fusion two ants of same type and create a armed ant width stolen tech
  • Defence Nest: small aggressive ants come out of the burrow and attack any land unit
  • Water Nest: is used to generate pasive income, provides fresh water to ants underground

Ants Unit:

Ants in Infantry Menu

  • Queen, is like the MCV.
  • Drones, is like a mini Harvester.
  • Scour, is Speedy ant.
  • Giant, is a common attack ant.
  • Fire Ant, is a Flamethrower ant.
  • Warrior, is a Heavy ant, width powerful mandibles.
  • Super Ant, like the Warrior, but more powerful.
  • Hyper Ant, is a Tesla Ant, can attack in distance.
  • Flying Ant, is a Ant with Wings.
  • Tiberian Fiend, is only Tiberian fiend from TS, is used in the Original Overpowered mod like a common unit, in ants faction this purpose is a Anti air unit

Ants in Vehicle Menu

  • Light Tant, is a Ant with a Light tank Cannon
  • Mediun Tant, is a Ant with a Medium tank Cannon
  • Heavy Tant, is a Ant with a Heavy tank Cannon
  • Missile Ant, is a Ant with Missile Launcher, inspired by KKND missile Crab
  • Chemical Ant, is a Upgraded Fire Ant, with Tiberium Flamers
  • Mammoth Tant, is a super ant with a Heavy Mammoth turret
  • Tesla Tant, is a upgraded Hyper Ant ant width Soviet equipement, is one of the final Ants, width powerful damage, is very expensive to make, and destroy every thing

applying this, there is not much more to say, so I will mention minor changes or other very WIP below

  • Greece, an unfinished faction, I have not found main tanks in the Greek faction, and I am thinking of adding "Stolen" tanks, of limited numbers but better prepared, because similar to the real world war II, Greece does not have its own tanks or borrowed tanks for self-defense, specially Italians, Germany models, but in cameo also have Soviet models in their possession.
  • Irak, basically handle the concept of Dr Thrax but instead of toxins they are radioactive elements, I haven't added anything yet

Okay so Japan is gonna be kinda like... extremelly primative mecha and other technologies seen in RA3 but more in line with RA1?

And Greece is gonna be almost an insurgent type of deal stealing Soviet tanks with a mix of their own hodgepodge Allied ones?

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Elpollo315 Author

Yes, but Greece would be limited in the number of tanks to build, which makes them more vulnerable when faced with massive armies, but they are quick to rebuild.

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So theyll have a build limit to their tanks? Like a population limit

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- What's japans bomber name type exactly?

Is it Shinden bomber
[ ]

Or Renzan Bomber
[ ]

- Do any forgot the vehicle units?.

Hoha/Sudden Apc track:


Katsu fortress:

Mortar Track:

- And do you want steam robots,then try this one?

And 3 view speed walker

[please note there is last comments in blog 1 leftover]

- So does any chance Yamato battleship ability to amphibious?.

- And King Oni will be X-O suit permanently?.

You shoul try it,so what do you think?.

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