Post news RSS A quick look at some of the weapons in Attack of the Dead!

In our past posts we discussed some of the traps used to kill zombies, I now present some of our awesome weapons!

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Attack of the Dead is a game where players can place death traps to round up and annihilate the zombies which have overtaken the planet. In addition to our death traps, we also have a fun set of deadly weapons for you to use to obliterate undead foes.

You get to pick out a primary and secondary weapon, which are selected during certain phases of gameplay. If you really like one you are able to store it in your weapons locker. Even better, stored weapons may also be upgraded!

We hope the true fun will come out when you use your weapons along side your traps. For example, a gravity gun is great to push enemies into the wood chipper for a gruesome outcome.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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