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Why use someone else's silken tent when you can build your own? Build with Silk in Drunk On Nectar's latest Steam update! For shelter, for stashing food and so much more!

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Why use someone else's silken tent when you can build your own?

For shelter, for stashing food and so much more!

Play DoN's latest Steam update and see for yourself:

Build With Silk

Enthusiast arachnids rejoice, because you can now finally build silken homes of your own with Drunk On Nectar's latest Steam update!

Reinforced with two types of silk, available in custom sizes and imbued with qualities tailor-made for storing prey, these silken homes are an essential investment for any Jumping Spider that wishes to complete DoN's 5 day Spring survival challenge!

Male Jumping Spider happily ensconced in his palatial silken estate

Act 2 Centerpiece Complete

Building silken tents of your own, was a key theme of "Lifecycles Act 2" and now this update now brings it just one step away from release.

Use the Survival mode to try the silken tents right now! Your feedback will be used to improve the gameplay for the subsequent Act 2 release.

For Shelter!

Sleeping out in the open will no longer remain a safe option, so better build shelter if you seek to last the night. Parasitic Wasps are planned for the next release to act as a deterrent for night-time loafers (and thus wrap up Act 2's incremental stream of updates) and with these wasps looking to lay their eggs on you, you had best build a silken tent and keep it closed at night!

Cautiously peeping across the great outdoors

New A.I. Scavenging Behavior

Hoarders beware! A.I. will now opportunistically seize any prey you've left lying around, so gone are the times of piling up your day's hunts in an idle corner.

All fallen prey now emit a chemical trail that both you (and A.I.) can detect and investigate.

For Stashing food!

With that background, you'll see why silken tents are also double-up as a neat storage depot. A closed silken tent cannot be opened by A.I. (although this might change in the future) making them ideal for stashing things.

Furthermore, decomposition rates of all prey are frozen inside silken tents, so not only can you stash, but you can also preserve your food for a rainy day more easily.

Your personal silken storage depot. Remember to keep the door closed though!

Build v3.1.5 highlights

To facilitate the "Build With Silk" release various bugfixes and control improvements were also added for this release.

Most notably movement on leaves, flowers and stalks should be a lot more stable now, making it a bit easier to carry heavy prey along those thin stalks and back to your silken home.

Various bugs reported by players via the in-game feedback tool have also been addressed. Please keep the reports coming :)

Open Sesame!

The Road to Mating & Reproduction

There is now a keen focus on wrapping up the Jumping Spider's Act 2 release so that the game's ongoing focus on survival can transition back into Lifecycles, with mating and reproduction and the next milestone.

Tthe Monarch Butterfly's long-awaited lifecycle completion (laying of eggs, etc) can finally be facilitated with this, followed by lifecycles for other creatures on the roster.

New plants, flowers and natural props are also long-due and will be taken up at some point.

Almost there... Lifecycles Act 2 is incrementally heading towards release!

Thanks for reading!

Appreciate your feedback on this new release! Videos, screenshots, forum posts, et al are all very welcome.

I hope that your gameplay experience is as smooth as silk! ;)

With ❤,
Venugopalan Sreedharan


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