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We show you our ideas for one of the game bosses and one of the redneck's main weapons, the handgun. Big enemies and big guns are the main atraction of Immortal Redneck, so our plan is to nail each and every one of them.

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Immortal Redneck - Devlog 2

Hey, Bruno here – I’m the community manager of CremaGames, remember? Now that we have announced Immortal Redneck to the world, we won’t stop talking about it. We are so excited!

Today, I’m showing you a few more artworks and concepts about one of the first bosses and the first weapon, the handgun, aka Grandpa. Our 2D and 3D artists are the best and they are working incredibly hard so I can show you a little more about our game, so let’s take a look!

Da boss

Bosses in Immortal Redneck are a crucial part of the game. When you reach one, you know you are making some progress inside the pyramids where you fight for your eternal life. Designing them is quite challenging, but we feel we need them not only to impress and scare the players, but also to remark their achievements. Beating a boss is a huge step towards finishing each pyramid and, ultimately, the game.

The boss you see here is the first one we have designed: The Hand Boss. Yeah, that’s a temporary name until we decide the perfect one. The Hand Boss is a very big enemy and it’s gonna be hard to time handle (heh). We are still thinking about specific attack patterns, but it will obviously attack you with his huge fists while it also try to corner you so it can smash you poor yokel soul. The only way to beat it is to dodge it attacks and shoot its weak points in his face. He will cover his weak points with its hands, of course, so the players have to shoot fast and try to outsmart him, too.

We don’t know yet if the weak points will be place in the face itself or in the edge below it, like you see in the art. We are not sure either if there will be a destruction pattern so you have to hit different weak points each time in some kind of sequence. You’ll hear more about this matter in the future while we keep working on it.

One thing is clear: Immortal Rednack has six bosses, two for each pyramid. One of the them will be a midboss and the other one will be the real final boss. This final boss occupies a whole floor, all by himself, and once you beat it, you will unlock a checkpoint in the game. That’s a huge, huge achievement in Immortal Redneck, since it means you can access the next pyramid!

Grandpa, the handgun


We think is important to feel connected to the guns you use in a game that’s mainly about shooting. After all, they are your only way to survive. Immortal Redneck will have plenty of guns, but we are still thinking about how many and how the will play, so let’s just start with the basics. And there’s no more basic gun than the handgun.

Immortal Redneck’s handgun is called ‘Grandpa’. Our dear yokel has a very deep, personal connection with this gun because it’s the only herency left by his grandfather. There’s a little messy story this one, but let’s just say that the grandpa woke up one morning a little mad and left this world with a bang. Yikes.


As you can imagine, Grandpa is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It has an acceptable range and does great damage, but it’s slow and the reload takes some time, too. It’s one of the three weapons of the default redneck class. We’ll talk about the other two in the future, be patient!

Here you can see one of our more recent tests with Grandpa. We still have to solve some inconsistencies – like the behaviour of the hammer –, but you can make an idea about how it shoots. Tell us what you think or if you would change something in it, but be gentle, please: the redneck is a little too sensitive about his Grandpa.

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