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The second part of the anniversary update is live! Check it out!

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Hey guys, while you are enjoying summer, our team is hard at work. And as we promised, there is 2nd part of the anniversary update!

We have some good and bad news. Let me start with the bad news. The teaser trailer we mentioned in the first part update had to be delayed. We simply wanted to take more time and make it better for you. No worries, you will get it quite soon though, I can promise that.

The good news for you is the fact we are looking at how to deliver more frequent updates. From this point on, we will focus on bringing smaller updates within short time span. The kind of update can range from single picture release through dev.blogs or just kind of interesting article and progress summary. We hope it will turn out good for us, so we can gather more feedback from you Wink.

I want to keep this update as short as possible, so I would like to remind you that we are always looking for talented and dedicated people, who have found our project interesting. If you want to join us, feel free to contact us.

Now, just go and enjoy the bunch of new media. By the way, this is the big premiere for Uplink mission (Half-Life demo) we've decided to add as an extra side mission!

Stay tuned, for the third part of the update, that will feature our very first teaser trailer.

xweert123 - - 255 comments

Wow, you guys are awesome.

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thatguyphilip - - 404 comments

how is progress anyway?

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Xylemon - - 2,677 comments

Well this update kinda shows it.

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sloshedtrain - - 73 comments

wow almost gave heart attack when you said it was going to be bad news, like i thought you were going to say the mod has died or say its on "hiatus" because that how a lot of promising mods die.
Anyway keep up the good work.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

I find it interesting you make Uplink a side mission, while there have been entire mod projects that tried to port it to Source. I look forward to playing this. Especially since I get the feeling that this'll be done before Black Mesa.

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McSug4r Author
McSug4r - - 1,293 comments

Well, making Uplink as separate project is quite hard. It has just few maps, but they need tons of custom content and a lot of coding. So, maybe it looks like it might be easy to do, but it definitely isn't that easy, that's why all the projects failed.

Reply Good karma+2 votes - - 169 comments

:p well paradigmthefallen, I will do my best for uplink. But I have also a lot of work to do before I can finish this extra mission.

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Spiteful_Crow - - 68 comments

People remember the Boids? Wow, now I want to model it...

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Nokiaman - - 976 comments

You are doing great job guys. I can't wait to play this masterpiece.

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Maestra_Fenix - - 51 comments

*Reads about an Uplink remake*


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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

A teaser? Wow that's great, the development looks like is going great, can't wait to see the teaser, gimme moar :P

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doublethink - - 148 comments

Those props look awesome. :)

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Dan911 - - 333 comments

Loving the props! Would love to see more, very tired of seeing hl2/ep1/ep2 props.

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