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In this week's Battle for Dune blog we'll be showing off the improved House Ix War Factory and the Ordos Mortar.

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Hello and welcome to another Battle for Dune blog, we have once again been busy so here is what we have been up to!

House Ix

I have been fixing up the mesh and adding some small details to the War Factory before I start on the interior.

It's not much different but take a look!

House Ix War FactoryHouse Ix War Factory
House Ix War Factory


LR01 has once again been busy with weapon modelling, this time he has modelled up the Ordos Mortar. I love it and think he has done a great job.

Here it is.

Ordos Mortar
Ordos MortarOrdos Mortar

Well that's it for this blog, be sure to gives us your comments and feed back on this blog or the mod in general here or over at

feillyne Staff

Hmmm, you know, making titles more specialised would be useful. :-) Instead of "Blog ##XY", "Blog #XYZ", maybe better would be "House Ix and Mortars update!", etc.

Less blogs and numbers, more concrete things. :-)

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damn i love that mortar. It looks like it would fall sideways quite easily though.
Great work anyway.

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that is one badass wf

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