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Welcome to the 77th installment to the Battle for Dune blogs, this week we have two videos for you!

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Hello and welcome to another late update. Due to a bad turn of events my left arm is in a cast so things haven't been updated... Sorry!


I have been updating Sandy Pass, its nothing major but still progress is progress, eh?

We are going to start adding more of these kind of "natural blockers" to our maps so you won't get stuck on those lame blockers.

Sandy PassSandy Pass
Sandy Pass

Ordos Pop Up Turrets

In past blogs we have shown you our Ordos Pop-up Turret defences, and our recently updated Gas Turret. Well E! has gone and written us another awesome script that works kinda like the C&C Reborn one but different...

Due to the Pop-up Turret needing power, it will just simple not pop-up when an enemy is near when the power is knocked out.

The Gas Turret on the other hand does not require power and will shoot at you untill it gets destroyed.

Carryall & Harvester

And we've saved the best for last..

We have been working on getting the Harvester and Carryall ingame, then for the script (thanks to E!) to be working with both of them and well... Just watch the video and enjoy!

That's it for another Battle for Dune blog, we hope you enjoyed it and visit us at


Good job guys!

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Awesome progress, keep it up!

I have one concern though. At any location except for the open sand of arrakis, soldiers in the Dune universe use shields, the result of which is that all projectile weapons, lasguns, tanks and other military vehicles are useless. Warfare between the great houses, with the ONLY exception being the open desert of Arrakis, is fought by swordsmen with shields. I kind of take issue with seeing a soldier on the grass plains of Caladan using a gun. I guess an accurate Dune battle would be harder to make into a good multiplayer action game though.

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TeamWolf Author

We are basing this game off Emperor: Battle for Dune.

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Looking good! :D

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