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Scattered across the map are robots with various movement modes ranging from tank tracks to wings. You will have to choose the best robot for your playstyle and fight 100 other players for domination.

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Recognizing the Designers

We wanted a nice variety of cool sci-vehicles, but also the funny and silly robots that are the core character of Robocraft. We settled on 500 different robots that covered all the various movement and weapon types, as well as visual styles, but we didn’t have time to make 500 unique and effective robot designs. Luckily, we had a large library of community designs, and the Community Robot Factory (CRF) from Robocraft allowed us to quickly populate a list of effective and interesting robots.

Additionally, using the CRF meant we could give the original designer credit for their design within Robocraft Royale. This is great, because if things go as we hope, we’ll be able to make a direct connection to the CRF and reward designers who create great robots for Robocraft Royale.


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