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As you travel around the map, you’ll see some common sights from the current Robocraft game. You’ll find the crash site from Vanguards End, the ruined power station from New Birmingham Power Station, and the mushroom rocks from our Mars maps.

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Welcome to the second blog post and thanks for stopping by. In the first blog post I gave you a rather broad overview of how we quickly put together Robocraft Royale. I thought some of you might be interested in how we made a map able to accommodate 100 players as quickly as possible.

Since we weren’t sure whether this would even be fun or not, we realized there was way too much risk in trying to make a map from scratch. Thankfully, one of our other games in development, Cardlife, had a large, open world map. So, we simply stole it outright. Once we had that terrain we realized that it needed some massaging to really work for what we wanted. The terrain was designed for a very different kind of game and we had to lower the height of the mountains and smooth out areas that were far too rough.


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