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A release doesn't mean we can relax so here is a list of what is going on.

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Even though we FINALLY have got a playable release out to the public, this doesn't mean we get to relax. The TSR team has been hard at work making sure that we keep finding ways to make TSR bigger and better.
TerrorTowers has been working on a quick-start how-to User Guide. This means that people who haven’t played any renegade or renegade based games can easily get to grips with Reborn.
There has also been some work done on the new patch. Not only are OWA and Fabian working on the hitboxes, but dtrngd is working on some balance changes to. Some highlights of the changes are:

  • Buffs for the cyborg reaper
  • Fixed holes on TS_Snow
  • Increase price of Elite Cadre and Officer to 300 and make them purchasable after the Barracks/Hand Of Nod is destroyed. The Officer will also get the Missle Trooper's missile launcher, since the two units are being combined into one.
  • Increased price of Disk Thrower and Nod Rocket soldier to 200 and make them still purchasable after the destruction of Hand of Nod or Barracks

For the full list check the blog on the forums.
Wallywood has been thinking of some new ideas for after this patch and TheBeerinator textured OWA's vet icons for the vetarancy logic.

That's it for now!

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Ahrimansiah - - 3,220 comments

i hope the quick start provide a fun AI battle in all maps or one big map with all vehicles(air)!
im really looking forward for Bots!

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BerryBomber - - 337 comments

are proper barriers being added to field and grandcanyon?

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WallYWooD86 - - 301 comments

Yes, we've fixed that.

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