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Death got a new meaning! Burn your way into the game world by using the Egyptian's Trap new skill! Upgrade your mana capabilities!

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Hi guys and girls!

Thank you for tuning in for another Blinding Dark dev blog!
This update we bring you the Egyptian's Trap new secondary skill. This focus has the capability to channel all the scattered light around it and focus it in a powerful ray that burns into the environment.
It has no effect over the demons you face, but it will prove very useful in the labyrinths you will encounter!

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Next is the newly implemented Mana Augmentation Stones. These powerful artifacts will grant you a boost of 25 mana to your maximum mana pool. The larger mana reserve will prove useful in long fights especially against ethereal enemies.

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Last, but not least, is the upgrade to the death system. In many games, there is no actual loss linked to death, other than losing the time spent up to there. Well, Blinding Dark takes it a step forward. Expect that all the suffering and hate you leave behind when you die it will come back to haunt you.
Things get really creepy when you are trying to run away from yourself!

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Here is the complete video about this update:

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Expect more good things to come.

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