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Exciting news! A talented voice actor joined the crew. Plus, new spells added to the game, working door and physics puzzles.

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Hi guys,

This last week was a crazy ride. Unexpected help came from Ryan Cooper, a talented voice actor that will bring our main character to life! You can hear his first line at the very beginning of the video. Of course more lines are already in game and much more will be added as the project will develop.

Let's see some other exciting additions to the current build:

Doors are in the game and are fully functional
Find keys to open special doors that can hide epic loot or terrifying monsters behind them. Also, they will prove useful when monsters are chasing you and you can close them right in their face in order to win some precious time.

Mana system is functional and all actions that require mana are now tied to the system.
Each item / weapon that is based on ethereal physics will require a certain quantity of mana. It's up to you to master the correct use of each item so you don't find yourself out of juice at the wrong time.
Mana replenishes by default at a rate of 2 mana/second. Currently there aren't any ways to speed this process up. Later, we will add mana amplifiers that will increase the maximum mana pool and mana regen.

The mysterious and occult scrying ritual is here!
Use the scrying focus on a sliver mirror in game and find yourself teleported in another, remote location in the game. Be careful, this ritual takes 100 mana, so you will be left without any juice in case you encounter enemies.

More physics! The physics puzzles.
Move around and stack crates, to reach difficult locations. Move and position planks and other objects to create bridges or barricade doors. This system is still in works, so more details will follow.

New sounds!
A badass sound for the revolver. Let me know what you guys think about the new sound. Plus, much more other small sounds added for the environment and the new spells.

Here is the video showcasing this update:

I'm looking forward for your feedback as usual!
Next, will be a small update regarding voice over and its use in the game.

Thanks for watching and track the game to stay tuned with next updates!

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