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Lots of improvements but also a lot of stress. Using physics in your game is a difficult endeavor as a considerable amount of trial and error goes into it. But I'm satisfied with the results.

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Hi guys,

What was done:

- New ranged AI
This includes animations, projectiles, sound effects and AI changes. This enemy will be imune to any physical damage. This will open up for a new item.

- New flying AI
Includes model and animations. This enemy is immune to high speed physical damage (ex. revolver bullets).

- New item
Egyptian Trap -
used to capture the souls of ethereal enemies. It slows them down and it is the only item that can counter this type of enemies. The trap can be easily summoned so you can easily set it precisely.

- New particle effects
- Bug fixing, physics tweaks and sound updates.

Thanks a lot for watching and see you next time guys!

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pretty good work!! keep goin it has power

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