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It hasn't been too long since our last update, but we're making a lot of progress!

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Hey! Long time no see.

Okay, so it hasn't been that long, but definitely long enough that some stuff has happened! Beta is going pretty great. We've been Hammering out our bugs, making our props prettier, fixing our choreography and having some great recording sessions with our voice actors and actresses. Really, these guys are great, and they really bring the course experience together. We can't wait for you to hear them!

Amidst our polishing, general progress and whatnot, we've also gone ahead and set up a page over on Facebook. If you're interested in more frequent smaller updates (and you'd better be!), go ahead and follow us over there as well. It's a great time. We'll keep you guys posted, can get in touch with us, all that good stuff.

That's the brunt of our news for now. As a parting gift, have another peek at some of Beta's fruits. Remember this?

Well, JeffMOD and Crypt teamed up for Beta, and blew it out of the water.

Range Canal

That's all for now. We'll try not to be a stranger, and will have more updates for you soon. See ya then!


I rly don't get it how it could take such a long time
(from late November 2012 until now september+ 2015)
to make a good looking HL2/"BM" remake of Hazard Course now days
with a team wtf?
(and yeah, i read the FAQ what ur planning)
Still, it's not exactly rocket science...

If u guys want a REAL challange,
you should make a BM/HL2 remake of Hazardous Course 2 (HL1 mod)
That would be awesome but likely take a decade or two lol.

Anyway.. Keep it up, dem shots & videos looks great & promising!

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ChrisBryant Author

Before around 2014, we were horribly disorganized and inexperienced with working on a team and serious project. Combine that with our lack of time, and it's super simple to understand, particularly if you have development experience. We know what we're doing now, though, so everything's going well.

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After the Hazard Course releases, I will be writing up a postmortem article to explain everything that we screwed up, so that other teams will (hopefully) be able to avoid the same fate.

As for this not being rocket science, perhaps that's true, but in general for any project, it's always a good idea to estimate that it's actually going to take about 3 times longer than you initially think.

For a project that you're working on in your free time over the internet with a bunch of people you've never even met, it's probably a good idea to estimate that it'll take about 5 to 12 times longer than you initially think.

It's easy to say "oh it's not exactly rocket science" when you're observing from the sidelines, but pretty much everything looks easier than it actually is when you're not the one doing it! I also thought it would be pretty easy when I started it, but the Hazard Course is surprisingly complex and difficult to get right! ;)

I would also like to point out that just because we have a bunch of people on the team, doesn't necessarily mean that the project should be done faster than it would otherwise. It can get pretty difficult coordinating among different people, especially when almost none of us are on the same work schedule (keep in mind, our team is international and spans several time zones).

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I'm excited for this, and I honestly don't care how long it takes to make it, you guys are doing a great job! keep up the great work!

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It's been a while nice to see an update from you folks.. So it sounds like it might not be much longer now.. Perhaps X-Mas or new years eve or shortly after.. What ever & when ever I'm sure it'll be worth the long wait and full of additional little easter eggs which make your mod not just visually superior over the original Hl1 hazardous course but also more logically constructed.

I can hardly wait.. :)

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