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Another work-in-progress insight on Bergen by Detoeni. This time with the Antenna Courtyard and Axis spawn area.

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Antenna Courtyard

Welcome back to another sneak peek. Today we will have a look at the Antenna courtyard and the Axis spawn area in Bergen by Detoeni.

These are work in progress shots, which means the areas shown are still subject to change.

In the last two images you can see the exit of the Axis spawn. In standard Bergen this exit is in a slightly narrow place, which means that explosive damage will be more likely to have a big impact. While it is still possible to put a lot of preasure on this exit with explosives and especially air support, the Axis can now spread out a bit more. While the Allies now have the option to mount the coast fortification in the back and put preasure on the Axis with crossfire, the Axis can leave this chokepoint quicker and assess their options.

The Axis spawn area has now been opened up a bit to allow for smoother travel. Whether there will actually be a MG in that hatch is unsure at this point, it is simply there for testing how it would work out.

Thank you for following our project. If you are interested in joining our efforts please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. You can leave a reply here, send me a PM or join our Gitter channel.

ET: Legacy is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32 and 64 bit platforms.

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Looks outstanding

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KeMoN Author

Thank you, guys

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Looking awesome; keep this up!

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We've always loved this map, but we stopped playing it because of the flag in the forward bunker. It can always be captured, regardless of how much progress the Allies make, which totally ruins the gameplay.

I hope you fix this in your new, improved version.

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