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Snow means I'm free from college to do work for a day :D

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Well today was eventful in the UK, nothing really went well transport wise in the North East, but on the good side I had an entire day to do a load of work on the game!

So, there's a lot of info I've got for you.

First up, those tweeters out there, everything we post about the game on there comes under #SWZomies for ease, so anything you want to say include that ;)

Secondly, weapons! They're pretty damn useful really when it comes to the zombies.
So far we have about 30 weapons ready for use in-game, we also have a good few weapons in a list that we will be putting in once they're ready.
Those of you that have played Black Ops, remember the 1911? Yeah, I like that, so I've taken the idea from the shinyness of it and put it into our own texture :D
The 30 weapons we have currently ready include 6 "special" weapons each designed by one of the team what will be unique to the game, plus there's currently one very special easter egg weapon but I'm not going to talk about it.

Next up, various little changes, plus things we've taken from your suggestions!
Because we know that listening to the community is pretty damn important, unlike some developers :(
So, the font used in the game has been changed to something much more readable :), we've invented a colour coded weapon light system and we're working on various other things for you!

Finally, we have an internal pre-pre alpha released for testing which me and GB are putting through its paces, we've not got loads of features in it, but it's a big step closer to a public pre-alpha, keep looking out for that!


Aww we had snow few weeks ago :( its already smelting and soon (before or after xmas) i think we are getting a blizard here too. Tho it doesnt make free day for me.... Only if its -45 celsius....

Hope alpha release is soon or after other releases. I want to spend whole saturday only testing z pandemic :]

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I'm available to beta test with 8+ Hours of free time per day. PM me.

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