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Gotta fill this up. Feel free to skip this little section and go straight to the news post.

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Hey guys. There's been talk about the base structures, and to be honest, I wanted to clear up how the system would work. We really want to make it hard for survivors in this game (being able to call in marines willy nilly is b***s***) So, we're gradually making it harder and harder for survivors by making things hard to obtain.

Let's talk about the base:

- Builder

Upgrades- Flamethrowers (makes flamethrower upgrade available)
- SMG (makes SMG upgrade available for survivor squads)
- Shotguns (makes shotgun upgrade available for survivors)
- Molotov Cocktails (makes MC ability available)
- Look harder! (build times are reduced)

Medic Tent - Requires 3 Survivor squads
- Medic

- Field dressing (makes syringe and tourniquet abilities available)
- Uzi ( Gives medic uzi)
- First aid kit (all squads can heal for 10 seconds without medic present)
- Pain pills (survivors move quicker for 20 seconds)

National Guard Tent - Requires 5 Survivor squads & National Guard Tree
- National Guard infantry

- Grenades
- SAW (makes SAW available)
- M203 Grenade launchers (makes noobtube available)
- Night vision goggles (makes nvg available)

Police Tent - Requires 4 Survivor squads & First Responder Tree
- Police lieutenant
- Police Squad

Private Military Contractors - Requires 5 Survivor squads & First 4 national guard tree upgrades
- PMC infantry
- PMC Demo team
- PMC MG team
- Armored Car (Requires upgrade)

- PMC Grenades
- PMC Demolitions
- PMC Grenade Launcher
- PMC Armored Car
- Minigun (1)
- Minigun (2)

Now, what does this mean. Well, let's look at it.

The only two buildings you can get without a doctrine are the Medic tent and the HQ. You'll also notice that each building requires a certain amount of squads of survivors to build. This makes sure you dont build 1 survivor squad and then spam bonus units. In the "realistic" survival situation, you would have very limited access to special squads. You'll also notice that the upgrades a squad can get need to be purchased at your building in order to upgrade the squad! We don't want every survivor squad running around with machine guns. So, in order to discourage this behaviour, we made it harder to get these upgrades.

That's about it for now. Keep tuned for more information and the upcoming beta!


- M203 Grenade launchers [b](makes noobtube available)[/b] wtf ?
Thanx for info ;p

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LMAO PainPills <----from l4d?

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@DedMustDie: you've never heard that expression? haha. Grenade launchers are referred to as noob tubes in online FPS, because they're one hit kill, and require no skill or prerequisites to use (hence a noob weapon), and its a tube. Therefore noobtube :p

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Aha... I don't play fps games a lot, that's why I don't know about that lol ;p

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Meh cool list but why only medic gets uzi?

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burtondrummerNY Author

Cuz we dont want OP medics

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