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BannerPage has New Update!!! You can apply this update on top of either 1.001 or 1.201. Please check Update installation details in the description below.

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BannerPage V1.301 IS OUT !!!

Last save compatible update.

Tournament Balancing Tweaks

Based on your feedback, we have added little more HP to player and we have raised rewards too. Probably final tweak.There were people saying that their companion spawns without weapon. It happens when you predefine their weapon choices and the end-up in tournament not having those options available. Either you leave them on randomize all or you check tournament design each time and make sure that they have a corresponding weapon preference.

Map Exhaustion - Fine tuned

  • Town /castle refresh rate has been raised.
  • Main Reports screen now constantly shows correct tiredness level of your troops.
  • When traveling on boat army also rests a bit.

Moneylenders & Landowners

Save Compatible bugfix!

We have fixed that quickly but had problems with retaining save compatibility. Since Reformist - famous Warband YouTuber has started a BannerPage series we have persisted to find a save compatible solution. We did it! With this bugfix mod's game-play mechanics is fully functional .

Reformist's YT show, featuring BannerPage - Episode 8

Explosives tweak / small nerf

Although explosives were exclusively available to player and not to AI there was an impression that some players wanted a nerf.

  • Both Naft and Greek fire slightly nerfed and got their price increased
  • Naffatun Rider now correctly equips 4x naft, instead of 2x naft and 2x GF
  • Korchin now has Naft Arrows, instead of Naft Grenades


  • Sword Sisters - troop tree makeover
  • Husar (minor adaptations)
  • Mounted Crossbowman (has heavy crossbow now 2, for sieges)
  • Buffed Player's Elite troops knowledge

Quantity / Quality Plugins

With version 1.301, you can and apllying BannerPage QUANTITY Plugin you mat run XXL battle sizes.

If you had enough and want 250-350 battles sizes but much better scenery, you can revert to BannerPage's default setting with this file:


If you are installing the Mod for the first time please first download BannerPage v1.001.

Download, unpack with program like 7Zip or WinRAR. Copy and paste into your BannerPage folder. When asked to overwrite, overwrite all. You can apply it both on core mod v1.001 or on top of already installed v1.201.

For all mod's features and main installation instructions please go here.

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