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So I finally got my PC. Meaning work on the mod is continuing. And its going to be faster and better.

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So here is my first article on the website. A Little late, well more than a month. But that's because unfortunately my PC died.

So anyway here I am one month on and work is being resumed on the fallout Atlanta mod. I was making good progress before my laptop completely died and nothing could be salvaged from it. However I did make some back ups so only about one days work was lost. Some bugs have appeared since switching machine such as some textures not working probably so only minor and fixable. Also looking to fix it so it should't happen for the future. But other than that, nothing was lost. Well not nothing I did lose a work-pad document witch had some good ideas in it. But that does't really matter because I'm never sort of ideas its implementing them that's the trouble. But I'll be working has hard as I can to make up for lost time. On the plus side I should be able to take better screen shots now and even make trailers etc. Because this PC can actually run the game with good graphics and get high FPS. So therefore there so be plenty of media made for the mod.

I'll keep everyone updated of course. I'll need a few weeks to really get some work done ...

Feel free to join the discord Hopely I be sharing some stuff there ;

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