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Development of this mod has resumed! I will try my best to finish this up before I lose motivation once more.

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Yes, I am starting to work on this mod again. Underhell was a big inspiration to me because it taught me I was going to fail. So I didn't have to try too hard. In all seriousness, though, I am still going to do my best. And I planned out a few more things to add. My mind is much more resilient to the work and open to new ideas.

I experimented with Source 2013 and think that's too much trouble. I mean, there are a few entities I could add (and plenty of existing Valve ones that I could fix), but that sort of seems overkill for a mod of this size. I'm going to stick with making it for ep2.

I wish I had some screenshots to show you but there haven't been many new areas mapped yet, and I don't want to spoil everything or bore you too much.

I'll keep you all up to date. Thanks for reading.


Cool! Glad to have you back :)

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indeed, good to have you back. Your last update was 2,5 months ago so it hasn't been even that long. And in the summer it is a bit quiet here on moddb, not we get in to the colder time of year many mods will return.

And you never will bore us with your work, screens, etc.
We as modders all have times that we don't like to work on the project anymore, modding is about 70% of the time fun, 20% feels like normal not really fun work, and 10% is just really painfull and annoying!
always been that way, will always stay that way. that is why so many mods die, those developers think it is always just fun, what is simply is not.

You said you did plan some more things, but please be careful with that
because it only makes the change higher that you will stop with the mod again. Just see that you release what you already was working on.
just a advice from a experienced modder, you can always use those new ideas for later on projects.

much success.

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Theevina Author

Thanks for the advice. I didn't plan too much more, only some things to enhance the original experience. I don't plan on making more maps unless I decide to remake this mod after its release in the future.

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ok, success, am tracking as always!


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