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Mopey back with another Dev Blog from 3amStudios, this time with pictures.

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Hello all, Josh (Mopey) here with another update about “Autana”, by 3amStudios. We are entering our beta this week and therefore are starting to really hash out some of the game’s features, as well as fleshing out the world a little bit more. I am excited to share with you some of these updates (this time with pictures!). Some of the changes this week:

  • Balanced shop prices
  • Made a logo
  • Tweaked the player attack range and enemy weapon collisions
  • Made enemies telegraph their attacks so the player can react
  • Added settings to change music and sound effects
  • Aesthetic upgrades to the title screen, the shops/menus
  • New Art!
  • Diversified map tiles
  • Added custom keybinds

Lots of changes this week were made for the overall feel of the games. Aesthetically, we felt some things like the menu buttons and the tile maps weren’t. We also tweaked the way weapons and damage worked for enemies and the player, just to make attacks cleaner and to make sure they made sense. The shop tweaks were necessary because there are certain points in the game (after the tutorial) where we believe the player should have the ability to buy things from the shop where they previously didn’t. And overall we have just been polishing features and making quality of life changes. More to come next week, when we release the game in full! Here's a download link for the game:

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