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Welcome back to Black Mesa ! Please put your seatbelt on while we perform a resonance cascade.

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Hello and welcome to the very first news of Aurora Effect. In this news I will give you a brief summary of the major features of this mod and show the very first visuals.

To begin with the major features :

- This mod uses the Arrangement code (see here for the Arrangement mod).
This means a whole lot of new graphical features are in such as the glowing lights you'll be able to see in the screenshots of this news. However the changes, fixes and additions are enormous, so you will discover them in other news posts when they are used.

- Extremely detailed environments (as much as I can get from the engine without crashing it) and multiple paths to get to an objective.

- The player will have to go to Xen, other locations may be featured.

There's probably a lot of things I forgot to talk about, but in my opinion, it's better when it comes with pictures or videos, doesn't it ? For this news, it will be pictures of a corridor the player will go through in the Chapter 1 (pre-disaster). There is still some improvements to be made, especially missing decals, but it's close to what you will find ingame.

Chapter 1 - Maintenance CorridorChapter 1 - Maintenance Corridor
Chapter 1 - Maintenance CorridorChapter 1 - Maintenance Corridor

Please tell me what you think, what you would like to see, and track the mod to show your support !
See you next time !

BlueWolf72 - - 812 comments

looking good

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ESPLEGADOR - - 33 comments

see nice

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23-down - - 3,579 comments

Ye I'm tracking your mod.. Nicely done it sounds very interesting. As for the screens you want an opinion.. Well they are still very empty.. The textures seem a bit repeative and the lightning is a bit dark and also repeative..

But I guess it's still early wip so it's totally fine for that nice work. :)

Perhaps I would focus on using Nightwatch textures and other high quality textures instead of the original hl1 textures when you already use a custom game code.

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Some-Dingus - - 408 comments

Try milkshape 3d for models instead of using brushes.

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MrMazure Author
MrMazure - - 223 comments

A few props are already models, hence why the lighting isn't entierely correct, but that's engine stuff.

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