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Dark Interval: Chapter II is being pushed back to find more room for improvment. Don't worry and stay tuned. Also, read the whole thing, please.

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TL;DR: There's going to be a short delay. Tell us if you'd like to see the next chapter delayed but polished, or see it now but less polished. Vote on

TL;DR2: Also looking for voice actors. Contact me on Discord @Cvoxalury #9681, or here, on ModDB.

Dark Interval has seen some amazing progress recently. Ever since it became a two people operation (instead of one man operation), we managed to produce lots of new content and up the quality of existing content. We worked day and night on new chapters, as well as going through the initial maps (from the demo) and reworking them.

Dark Interval: Chapter II is very much near completion. I would go as far as say that it's 90% ready. Maybe even over 90%.
However, as we began to dream bigger and bigger, creating more and more, the project, in return, became more demanding. It now felt less satisfying to have text captions and sequenced animations. This is why we switched to fully voiced choreographed scenes for key NPC.
Voice acting is, by far, the most sensitive part of moddev. Low quality sound and bland performance will ruin your immersion and make for frustrating experience.
This is why we're pushing back - just a little bit - to find more room for improvement.
We're looking for voice actors for Barney, Kleiner, citizens, and for the Vortigaunts. We have the dialogue written, and voiced with temp voice, in place. Contact me on Discord, Cvoxalury, #9681. Or through ModDB, if you don't use Discord.

However, it is now all up to you. I'm putting up a poll, where you can tell us if you think we should redo voiceover and add more polish (which we would prefer), or if you're fine with my terrible-Russian accent-cheap mic temp voiceover, that may well be even worse than temp voices in the leak.
Go to and vote! And thank you for sticking with Dark Interval for so long and not giving up.

Dark Interval: Chapter II includes 11 levels, of which 7 are brand new, built from scratch. Also coming - new models, new enemy types with custom AI, and lots more.


First to vote, last to leave.

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Great to hear from this mod, can't wait for release!

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Just do whatever you think is better for the mod. It's your mod after all. The chapter 1 was worth waiting, so we can wait some more.

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I'd rather have it now and help you bug test it. I always love seeing the progression of games and got to test black mesa source before its release a few times.

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i wait this much!

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do you guys need a french translator ?

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