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The first ever Atlanta Dev Blog. Highlighting some of my thoughts and plans.

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This is it the first ever Dev Blog.

The mod has been worked on for a long time now. Just compare the first update to the most recent. Might even do a comparison or something. The progress has been good if a little slow. But at least there's something to show for my efforts so far. So why start the dev blog now you might ask ? Well
simply I never really thought about the idea before. But having signed up on MOD DB its something that popped into my head. I be releasing this probably on MOD DB and also the nexus. Might also post in different places. We will see how it goes. Its going to include what I've been working and showcasing some idea's that I have. I guess you could think about it has more of in depth Patch notes. So here it is ;

People's town ;

So this update I've put some decent work into peoples town and the surrounding area. Added interiors or made the houses there look more realistic. Also added an NPC that runs a bar to go with the Robot who runs the gun shop. Also began working on a new quest line. Will involve the mob boss of Peoples town asking the player to do a job for them. First part is done and it's pretty explosive. Streets are now dressed with rubble and lampposts.

Lake City motel ;

Created this location. Added buildings and the main motel building. Also added the new swimming pool ! Plan to have new NPC's and quests there ! For the moment though its just an locations. Interiors will be added soon as well.

General landscaping ;

Create some general wasteland cells with trees and rocks etc. Need to fit in doing the land textures at some points as well. I'm going to start filling in the cells and landscaping where I can. There so many blank empty cells to fill So rather doing it in a block just doing it when I can.

Work on 285 highway ;

Built up the 285 highway. Added lights and stone blockers. Will lead up to another settlement.

North Atlanta ;

Build housing and added to the wasteland area of north Atlanta. Added a new interior, an underground bunker. Added a large bridge of the 285 highway. Added plenty more roads. They don't take too long to make , I'm good at making them now. Take a bit of practice to get them to line up well and you have to make use of the wasteland road patches too ! I've learnt recently to add more height variations to the roads. I guess that was maybe a complain that in general the mod was too flat. When I added bunkers to surban section of Atlanta I've put in some suttle story telling. I feel like this sort of thing is what I saw in FO3 a lot. There may also be some loot to collect and some back story to take in. The idea for these private little bunker, Was that a private arm of Vault Tec built these bunkers for the wealthy people in the surburbs of Atlanta.There was a little bit of copying going on and a mentality of if you can get that done I should as well ! Towards the start of the Nucular war, people felt that the war was brewing. They knew that everything they held dear in there life could come down in flames. The sweet surban dream could die.

Things I need to add ;

Quests Quests and more Quest. I really need to get round to finishing and creating more quests got plenty of idea's. Might write some idea's if I get the time.

New update should be out sort of soon. Was just going to release 3.0 but I think I'll go with 2.5. And save the next update for a month or two's time. I think we doNeed more frequent updates as a lot is getting added to the mod on a weekly basis !

Make sure to check the discord ;

Link to mod ;

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Great news, keep up the good work man!

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