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New tactical sensors mode, Structures with various effects, and some new skills dealing with life support systems.

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In Devlog video 23 for Astrox Imperium, I cover the beginnings of the sensors manager. Toggled using the spacebar, this view gives you additional information about the objects in the current sector. Items that have been scanned into the targeting system, are remembered, even after they are removed from the targeting system. NPC signatures, and area of effect rings are also visible from the sensors manager. A green line is shown when the autopilot system is active, and has a target.

Structures have also progressed over the past few weeks. I have implemented many of the mechanics required to make them interactive, and only have a few bits of functionality left to finish them altogether. I have also been building out the individual structures using a similar format to the ships. I am able to place the turrets, adjust the effects and ranges, and even distribute the cargo available on any structure from the structure's text file.

I have also added in a few new skills that deal with life support management. These skills effect each individual component that is installed in the life support system of the ship. There are 5 skills in total, 1 general bonus skill, and 4 individual ones.

Be sure to check back next week for Devlog 24

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