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Added a bunch of station services skills that allow for bonuses across all the various station functions.

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This week I have been focused on finishing up the Skills database and in game functionality that is associated with it. As I start to tie up the loose ends on things I have already developed, I am preparing to start work on the Mission editor, and thus the Contracts services of the stations. Once I finish up the skills, I will finish up the background events I already have listed out. A few more polishing finishes on the Merc panel, and I should be ready to rock on the Mission Editor.

In this video, I show off a bunch of new skills that encompass the station services. Skills to improve costs and speeds associated with each station service. I also added 3 more fleet skills, that will improve their combat, defensive and speed stats.

The stations themselves got a bit of love this week as well, with the addition of station ships flying around in the background. I have also added a station bots that will travel up to your ship and do some welding and repairs. I plan on adding a few more station bots for hauling and transportation. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, drop a like and subscribe if you dare.

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