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~ Liberté égalité fraternité ~

Now the last two AC games have been analyzed from Ubisofts

A new video from Gamescom in Cologne this week, Ubisoft knew until eleven minutes of gameplay video from big commitment Assassins Creed: Unity, and not only that; all also got to see nine minutes from Rogue. This chapter, unlike Unity take place on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and will essentially follow the same track as Black Flag, there followed last year.

~ Take a look at the Unity game first ~

It is already been revealed is that the action takes place in Paris during the French Revolution. In the video you will kill Charles Gabriel Sivert, a French baron who in the tradition existed in reality, and who died in Versailles in 1791 if the mission takes place in the same year, there is reason to believe that the assassination takes place during the so-called Champ-de -March massacre on July 21.

It was the National Guard (in blue) on the streets near Notre Dame to stop the protests from the crowd. The National Assembly had just decided to leave Louis XVI (the last goal in the game?) Continue as king under a constitution that gave him less power.

Unlike the previous games, the actual assassination take place in a different mode than the rest of the game. In short, the scenario about the surroundings changed according to your mission. This should make it easier to build different ways to kill the French nobility on.

~ You can watch the video here ~

In the video shown several different ways to get to Sivert, which conveniently enough is inside Notre Dame, where a church exhibition takes place. By playing changes as mentioned is a new engine that will handle parkour exercises Arno Doran performer (the name is a French form of Arnauld, which means eagle gift. Doran does talented). Unlike previous parkour should now be more fluid and easier to handle than what it has been.

~ There is not just one way to take its target ~

As has previously been told and mentioned is the ability to choose how you kill the target on significantly. In the video we see as the ability to kill a villain by the name Duchesneau. Unlike Sivert was difficult to determine whether such a person really existed. The part know is that that Duchesneau was a French noble family, who later reached out to French Canada.

Unlike other games where stealth was reserved red zones, it is now possible to go into sneak mode regardless where you are in the game. This will make it harder for the guards to find you quickly, yet they will be more suspicious if they see you near them. In addition to greater freedom, there will also be a focus on acquiring your special skills can help you advance in the game.

In the mission that takes place in the sequence number three of the game you will be refused entry to Notre Dame since you have not learned to pick locks that are very important. The game promises, however, that there will always be an option available regardless of how you play the game itself.

After stolen keys from any guards that you can do in the previous games as well, can you sneak into the cathedral. If you played last mission in Assassin's Creed II will once again recognize you in a game. A Mass where the priest speaking in Latin going on in the background while you sneak across cognition booth through the many rafters.

Since you killed Duchesneau can now take his place in the booth and kill Sivert without anyone noticing. When you enter the notre dame, there are many opportunities to take out Duchesneau. I on my part, I think it was fun and see the guards has a sneeze for animals around them. That will make it easier to kill them when the guards are busy petting the animals, or just sneak past them.

As a reward you get to know a little more about the temple knight's plans before you sneak out a secret passage that you find using the eagle's eye. It looks like an Egyptian hieroglyph marks a secret entrance. It is possible to kill Sivert before the cinematic opportunity pops up, but then you will most likely get lower synchronous ring after the mission is completed. After that, there's not much to say about the video, you've probably seen yourself in the video.

~ See what's happening in Assassin's Creed: Rogue ~

Unlike Unity will play for the second time as one of the temple knights Rogue. This is where the name comes from the Rogue. The name of the main character is Shay Cormac, and the game will take place during the Seven Years' War in North America - the war that ended French influence in contemporary American colonies. Shay, a former assassin, was betrayed and left for dead by the order, and now he's out for revenge. In the game he will be crucial to win the British colonies.

As a direct consequence of Shay this time do not follow the assassin the agenda will be the moral aspect and the themes to be darker. For the first time in the series will not be punished for killing civilians and your goals will be assassinations clean. Haytham Kenway from Assassins Creed III will be central to the game. Rogue continues to Black Flag's track and puts strong emphasis on naval warfare on the American east coast. Unlike Jackdaw has Shay's ship Morrigan opportunity to sail up rivers and fight more inland. In addition, he gained a much stronger arsenal at their disposal.

~ You can watch the video here ~

~ Playing a Templar can be brutal experience ~

Both chemical warfare and the use of prototypes of the machine will be possible during the game. As Templar Shay has a much larger and more brutal arsenal available than what insidious killers could give Edward Kenway. In addition, Shay also the ability to be brutal with a primitive grenade launcher. Morrigan will also be a much more lettmanøverlig and faster than Jackdaw. The possibility of including the light on the water by throwing oil slick to destroy pursue clean will be present.

Game-related changes will also provide opportunities for it is the enemy that border your ship if you receive a beating from the many European marine vessels vying for the American continent. Who enemies will be, except assassin organization itself, not saying gameplay video about something. What is known is that the game also will be to conquer the fort and places the assassin 'influence.

The video below shows how much more action orientated naval battles in Rogue will be compared to Black Flag's. Among other things, you will also need to pay attention to the weather. If you fall into the sea in the Arctic cold will make you lose health until you manage to get on land again. In addition, it will be fast and forts in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia that must be conquered.

Not unlike the many fortresses in the Caribbean in Black Flag. Whaling, conquest of capturing ships and arctic wildlife will also play a big role in the overall gaming experience to Rogue. Last but not least, also the Northern Lights will be available for spectacle and splendor.

What do you think about the new games that are on the way?

Comment below and tell what you think about the new AC games


Now if only the publisher side of Ubisoft keeps their filthy hands off these games we might be looking at some of the best AC games in quite a while. (Not to keen on killing Assassin's in Rogue but I still want to play it so I hope they port it over to PC)

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I played Rogue at the gamescom yesterday and it honestly feel like a re-skin of black flag

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If it means more resources going into Unity then fine by me.

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