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Working on some more varied area generation algorithms, and improving my 2D lighting.

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Working on some more interesting area generation algorithms rather than just scattering rocks (though there is still a lot of scattering rocks involved). The new labyrinthine area revealed a whole heap of bugs living in my 2D Light algorithm, so I had to spend a few days redoing that, however I am 99% sure it is good, clean code now, short of a few optimisations.

Labyrinth Region Demo.png

Also done a bit of visual work, tweaking some of the menus and button behaviours. Written a fair few new effects for top-down rain, and an evil little shadow effect for certain locations on the map menu.

Region Demo.gif

Oh yeah, I also did a couple of backgrounds for the game screen, just to add to the atmosphere and give the game a bit more visual presence. I think they work pretty nicely, but please do tell me what you think of them!

Desert Environment Demo.PNG

Defiles Environment Demo.png

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